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Gift Guide

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Merry Christmas from all of the team at Just Sunnies! Here is a gift guide to ensure you can find something to suit everybody for Christmas.

If you are buying for a mad fisherman or maybe somebody who enjoys outdoor activities check out the range of Spotters Sunglasses. With an extensive range of frames, and polarized lenses you cant go wrong! All Spotters sunglasses are also designed and manufactured in Australia. Fish sunglasses also fit into this category. They are 100% UV Protected, polarized and offer a great selection of wrap around frames.

If you are searching for sunglasses in the youth market, try Le Specs or Minkpink. They both offer an extensive range of classic, alternate and bright styles that the younger generation LOVE! These sunglasses are the perfect gift for those that have been good throughout the year.

Dragon and Otisare a great choice if you are searching for a modern Sunglass frame for a guy. They cover all bases with the choice of polarized, and non-polarized lenses, big, small, plastic and metal frames. Otis also offer a full range of Glass lenses which ensure they are scratch resistant, and optically correct.

If you are secret Santa for somebody a little alternate or out there. Check out the full range of Raen Sunglasses. The entire collection is built with amazing attention to detail and unique styles. You will be a winner with any of these sunglasses.

Lastly if you have pulled the short straw and have to buy for that is really fashion obsessed, you need to go straight to the Tom Ford collection. Say no more you will find plenty here to choose from.

Remember this is only a few of the Sunglass Brands we stock. Jump onto Just Sunnies to veiw the entire range. I hope you all have a special Christmas with great company, food and of course SUNGLASSES. Happy Shopping



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It’s our favourite time of year here at Just Sunnies headquarters… The sun is shining, the ocean is shimmering and we’re getting set to help you soak up those salty summer vibes with a sensational range of super stylish eyewear to suit all tastes. Just when you thought you couldn’t be more spoilt for choice, we are beyond excited to announce- as a very special Christmas gift from us to you, our fellow summer lovin’ sunnies fans- the recent arrival of yet another glittering guest to our already star studded party. You heard it here first folks, global superbrand SUPERDRY is in the house!

Since they first struck fashion gold in 2003 with their unique fusion of UK tailoring, American urban street style and Oriental graphic inspiration, the famed clothing and accessories brand Superdry has quite literally gone from strength to strength, gathering a growing legion of fans from across the globe as it goes. Almost a decade on, and Superdry is now sold globally in over 40 different countries across 4 different continents. And as far as we’re concerned, you don’t get that far without a product worth boasting about!

And what a product it is! From those timelessly stylish shapes in classic finishes, to contemporary fashion forward frames in neon brights, this selection of shades certainly won’t leave you wanting for choice. But what really makes Superdry stand out from the pack is their uncompressing attention to detail, with state of the art production techniques such as laser etching and brushed acetate, exotic materials and beautifully aged wooden cases, and the option of prescription lenses in each and every style… It seems their quest for world-class quality is being met with resounding success at every turn.

On target from word go and showing no signs of slowing down, the Superdry Sunglass range is sure to be the sound on everyone’s lips this summer. So go Santa-sack yourself, or a loved one, a piece of the prized action at and make this Christmas a super special one!

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If you hate buying sunglasses as you just don’t know what shape suits your face, here is a quick guide to help you know what to look for.
Let’s start with the genetically gifted oval face shape as essentially every style will suit you. If you are unsure what style to go with try the fabulous squared look or the ever popular round lenses. Find out what style Jessica Alba is wearing as she too has an oval shaped face.
With a round face give an over-sized style a whirl, the rectangular designs will look great and compliment your face that shares it’s shape with Kelly Clarkson’s face. These styles will also suit a face that is longer and oblong, think Liv Tyler for some inspiration.
For a square face, consider Olivia Wilde’s sharp jaw line, try an oval look or a cats-eye frame for a perfect fit. Designs such as these will also suit the angular face shape and the retro circular style is fantastic for these faces, search Keira Knightley for an idea.
Lastly, with a heart shaped face you can’t go wrong with the cats-eye or rounded looks but as Reese Witherspoon demonstrates the beloved aviator was made for you.
Keep in mind this is just a guide and remember you can think outside the box and try a new style that goes against the masses to suit you!

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Summer leads to sun and sunny days lead to sunglasses. This season you can go all out with a statement pair of sunglasses or try a classic style with a mirrored twist.

With ’80′s styles such as bright blazers and jelly shoes having been reinvented recently, it’s no wonder that every blogger, celebrity and fashionista are creating the newest trend and wearing sunglasses with mirrored lenses. While parachute pants and perms are welcome to stay in the past, there is a plethora of mirrored lenses that you are going to want to add to your collection.

Try your favorite styles or a fantastic new design with a bright pop of colour to revitalize your style today. With blue, green, orange and pink being prominent colours throughout the brands, you could also go for gold and upscale your look or match your new sunglasses to your prized bag or skateboard.

So many of your beloved brands are at the forefront of this mirrored trend such as MinkPink, Spy, Carve, Rusty, Sabre, ROC and of course Le Specs just to name a few for this seasons ultimate infatuation.

Jump onto to join the exciting trend



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You will be on excitement overload when you lay your pretty little eyes on the wide range of shapes and explosive colours in the Carve sunglass range. They suit all personalities and unique styles.

Here at Just Sunnies, we have brought the full collection to you, in the comfort of your own home, for your own viewing pleasure. Grab a cuppa’ and get comfortable because things are about to get serious when you begin your adventure through the Carve sunglass collection.

These sunglasses add a touch of class to your everyday look and complete your outfit whether you’re having a day at the beach or out for a special occasion. With sleek shapes and smooth colours it’s going to be hard to pick a favorite!

Not only do Carve offer an extensive range to suit anybody, they are also comfortable and extremely durable! The ever-growing brand promises to supply quality products that wont buckle your bank account.

Jump on the website to check out the entire range and invest in a pair of Carve sunglasses. You will not regret it!



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Have you been looking for those perfect pair of sunglasses? STOP NOW!

Here at, we are committed to bringing you only the best of sunglasses. Meet one of our top sellers and proudly Australian owned brands Liive sunglasses.

If you haven’t heard of them then open your ears because you defiantly should know about them! Liive have been around forever and have always been at the top of the ladder when it comes to quality sunglasses. These sunglasses are defiantly one of the toughest pair on the shelves in the big wide world of eyewear – they are heavily marketed throughout the fishing industries because they are made to withstand even the harshest of environments such as the ocean and the sand, wind and salt water that comes with it. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a mad fisherman to own a pair of these babies. If you’re after a good quality pair of sunglasses then look no further than the extensive Liive range to suit everyone. Even if your the biggest klutz and are usually pretty rough when it comes to owning a good pair of sunglasses – Liive eyewear is up for the challenge!