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Fathers Day Guide

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As Father's Day looms closer, you're finding yourself doing a metal checklist of items Dad needs. Clothes, owns more band t-shirts than necessary. Tool set, last year's present.  Fishing gear, too complicated. Socks and undies? Boring! Sunglasses? Yes! Maybe he sat on his last pair, dropped them in the water or they make him resemble an ...

Spotters Sunglasses Online

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Hold onto something because we have big news! Spotters Eyewear have just released 4 brand new styles and the team here at Just Sunnies can't decide which one we love more. If you haven't heard of Spotter Sunglasses then you're in for a treat. Made right here in the land of Aus, all Spotters sunglasses ...

Mink Pink Sunglasses Online

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All your friends have crazy new sunglasses in shapes you can't even name, whilst you're still rocking plain-jane rectangular sunnies in fear of resembling 'Willy Wonka'. Fear no more! Mink Pink's new collection have come to Just Sunnies with a solution. Affordable sunglasses in stylish, unique shapes that will have you throwing your old sunglasses out ...

Arnette Sunglasses

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Tangled salty hair, sandy bums, bronzed skin and Arnette sunglasses. It may still be a little chilly out but we have Summer in our sights here at Just Sunnies and when it comes to long, hot days on the beach Arnette have got you covered. Created 22 years ago by Californian surfer Greg Arnet, Arnette Eyewear are ...

Spy Sunglasses

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Spy Optic glasses are bold, attention grabbing sunglasses that are made with only the highest quality materials to create stylish, durable and comfortable sunglasses at an amazing price. Spy Optics create the most technologically advanced eyewear on the market such as their anti-fogging frames and premium injected Trident lenses that allow for breathtaking clarity and the ...

Maui Jim Sunglasses

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If you are new to Maui Jim then let us be the first to say welcome to sunglass perfection! As you can tell by the name, Maui Jim is a Hawaiian brand, which means that every pair is designed to protect your eyes from even the harshest rays the sun has to offer. Maui Jim Sunglasses are by far the best ...

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