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Bringing Haute Couture to New Heights

Christian Dior is the very essence of beauty and style.  Dior sunglasses are synonymous throughout the world for unparalleled beauty, cosmopolitan style and European sophistication. Dior Sunglasses are made of the highest quality materials.

One of Paris’ finest couture label that has created 60 years of extravagance and glamour. Dior's sunglass line unveils an elegant and sophisticated approach to sunglass design. Their unique, understated designs elude classiness while offering individuals a grown-up, but still modern image.

The Dior sunglasses collection is big, bold, and highly distinctive. Dior eyewear offers contemporary styling fused with classic designs, with integration of Swarovski crystals into a number of Dior's frames. Every model in the Dior line provides 100 percent UVA and UVB protection for your eyes so you can protect your vision while looking fabulous.

Dior sunglasses define celebrity style. This designer brand has been worn by almost every recognizable celebrity in the business. Dior offers styles that every label wants to create, but no one else can do it like Dior can. Dior designs are one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable accessories that everyone should own at least one of in their lifetime.

We J’Adore Dior!