Jonathan Paul Fitovers - Relief for those with Prescription Glasses

Fitovers Eyewear has become the perfect accessory for individuals with prescription eyeglasses. These types of sunglasses are a quick and easy way to transform your prescription glasses into an effective pair of sunglasses with a little help from Fitovers Eyewear.

Fitovers Eyewear was originally developed in Australia over a decade ago to combat the ruthless Australian sun. Effective, comfortable and affordable, this revolutionary new sunglass with its innovative wrap around styling quickly caught on.

Fitovers Eyewear continues to design the finest sunglasses designed to be worn over prescription eyewear. Maintaining our original emphasis on comfort, quality and visual performance, Fitovers Eyewear utilize state-of-the-art frame and lens technologies to provide modern prescription frame wearers with a sunglass that meets the needs of their frame styles and their lifestyles.

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