Mink Pink

Release the diva within with the Mink Pink sunglass collection.

Mink Pink Sunglasses are consistently producing the latest and greatest styles that fashion has to offer. Mink Pink encompasses fabulous, bold and bright colours that stand out while still keeping within the trendy scope.

Mink Pink eyewear creates an image of class and sophistication, representing women of the 21st century. Mink Pink is focused on designing collections for women who elude confidence and enjoy looking fabulous. The daring designs and bold creations are fashion statements in themselves and are no longer considered accessories to an outfit, but necessities.

Mink Pink's eyewear allows sunglass lovers to spread their wings and standout. Creating vintage styles like the aviator and wayfarer with a Mink Pink quirky twist, the collection will have you feeling daring and on trend.

Mink Pink designs are popular among female celebrities because the collection is driven towards successful, independent women who exude tremendous amounts of confidence. Mink Pink sunglass designs are high class and highly affordable with Just Sunnies.  

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