Shades of Brilliance

MORRISSEY Eyewear elegantly embraces the modern Australian aesthetic, combining sleek designs with 'on-trend' colours and textures.

MORRISSEY is a leading Australian designer brand that expresses an impeccable quality and strength through bold, sexy designs and workmanship.

Peter Morrissey is Australian fashion icon who has been a dominant force in evolving the industry for over 20 years. Peter says “MORRISSEY is about celebrating life to the full. I believe people wear my sunglasses to feel like a rock star – not to keep the sun out of their eyes.”

Designed with a modern lifestyle in mind, yet brimming with individuality, MORRISSEY offer sunglasses for both men and women who want to look their absolute best and celebrate life to the fullest. MORRISSEY sunglasses are made with meticulous workmanship for superb quality and durability.

MORRISSEY... 'metro chic' for a new age.

Look to the future and cast the appropriately cool shadows with MORRISSEY eyewear.