Dating back to the beginning of the last century, Prada was created in 1931 by Mario Prada. Since then Prada has become one of the most prestigious and widely recognised brands in the fashion and luxury goods industry.  

Prada began its journey with two little boutiques in Milan. Through these two boutiques, Prada had gained a loyal following of fashionable individuals from all across the United States and Europe. An international success was born. The brand’s iconic trademarks incorporate the Savoy coat of arms and Savoy figure-of-eight knot, reflecting Prada’s heritage as an official supplier to the former Royal family of Italy.

Prada sunglasses align with the brand’s iconic trademark of innovative style, exclusive designs and superior craftsmanship. With an uncommon mix of trends, Prada sunglasses ooze sophistication and style, creating a presence that is sure to be a head turner. Manufactured using the state of the art technology, Prada sunglasses provides 100% protection from UV radiation.