ROC Eyewear know sunglasses are more than a style accessory but rather an indispensable part of daily life and have become innovative players in the modern frame game with their fresh and directional take on eyewear design.

Since establishing itself in the marketplace some fourteen years ago, Roc Eyewear has always paid attention to the finer details of its designs. Roc creates eyewear with an influential take on modern and vintage inspired frames. A simple way to describe Roc Eyewear’s sunglass collection is fashion forward, simple and classic made from the highest quality materials. The designs are timeless and are sure to be a success.

Roc Eyewear is very passionate about sun safety and upholding the highest standards of UV protection with all of their frames. Roc Eyewear is a well established sunglass brand across Australia and New Zealand. Roc Eyewear provides a high quality sunglass, keeping up or ahead of the latest trends.

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