In case you've been living under a rock, Sabre Eyewear is the bomb!

Sabre’s psychedelic anarchists are re-creating a new original balance of creativity, community and lifestyle. Sabre is a definitive, raw social reaction to the saturated corporate surroundings.

Sabre’s glasses are slick and they design with two main philosophies: Fast Times, which is a directional, hand made, fashion forward product and, Real Times, a more classic glass with simple detailing and clean, timeless lines.

5 Reasons why Sabre are number one

1. Quality – Sabre uses a high quality, scientifically developed combination of snot, dead fly carcasses and microscopic fur balls in all its materials.
2. Efficiency – All of Sabre staff wear rollerblades in and out of the office to maximise time efficiency and maintain extreme radness at all times.
3. International – Sabre spell their brand name totally cool with the ‘R’ before the ‘E’ and that is so mysterious and exotically South American.
4. Uncompromising – Sabre also uses basic ‘waber-boarding’ techniques on its staff to guarantee the best in customer service, not to be confused with other popular torture technique, wakeboarding.
5. Fearless – Sabre is not afraid to use cheap props such as clipboards and fake plastic test tubes to make us appear smarter.

Hang loose Mother goose!