It began in 1957 in Roger Pouilloux’s workshops on Paris rue Boissy d Anglas.

This optician and ski enthusiast would revolutionize the world of sunglasses by creating an exceptional lens capable of both protecting him on the slopes and the streets by offering superior depth perception in overcast weather.

Vuarnet is today the only brand to produce its mineral lenses in its own factory in Meaux. Quality is ensured by unique know-how and continued small-scale production.

It takes a week’s work to craft a Vuarnet lens: selection of high quality mass-tinted raw materials, exclusive lens coatings, the strict control of each of the seventeen steps in the manufacturing process, a host of requirements that guarantee optical clarity that can be seen at first glance.

Each Vuarnet Lens is engraved with a discreet signature representing the brands initial on a ski, which guarantees its authenticity and prevents counterfeiting.

Vuarnets natural mineral glass guarantees 100% protection against UV rays. This protection remains entirely unchanged over time thanks to its mass-tinted shade. Vuarnet glass is the only one in the world designed to absorb up to 98% of infrared rays, whereas the majority of sunglasses on the market do not absorb any.