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Blinde Sunglasses

The Blinde Eyewear collection is a favourite for people who strive to make a subtle statement. In a crowded marketplace of often-indistinguishable sunglasses, Blinde has a distinct edge.

The Blinde Eyewear sunglasses collection is a fusion of design, technology, fashion and old-world craftsmanship. Blinde sunglasses focus on clean, wearable designs, innovative technology and enjoy a cult following.

The brand's blend of fashion and technology directs the design focus towards eyewear rather than the logo by concentrating on clean, wearable designs combined with innovative technology and the finest optical materials.

Blinde's signature handmade plastic frames are distinguished by the use of subtle details including: a beta-titanium core wire providing increased flexibility and comfort in the temples as well as a signature seven-barrel, six-pin stainless steel hinge, which is one of the strongest and most durable in the industry.

‘Remaining true to quality and aesthetic while being both functional and stylish’.

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