27 Sunnies to Help You Celebrate National Sunglasses Day

June 26, 2020


At Just Sunnies, we’ll find any excuse to celebrate and National Sunglasses Day is no exception. We may be a little biased, but we think there’s no fashion and lifestyle accessory more essential than sunglasses. Experimenting with your look has never been easier due to the diverse range of creative and fashionable eyewear available today – and we think that’s something to celebrate. Here’s our list of 27 sunglass styles that everyone should have on their radar this year.



1. Arnette 4265


Arnette 4265 – Transparent Yellow/Grey Lenses

One of our favourite collaborations this past year has been the Arnette x Post Malone Tattoo Collection which has produced a range of on-trend styles inspired by the artist’s signature 90’s style. From transparent yellow frames to lenses with silver text, the 4265 sunglasses break the boundaries of traditional eyewear.



2. Bask Sol



Bask Sol – Beige Tort/Brown Polarised Lenses

Rectangular sunglasses have become one of the most prominent trends in eyewear and the popularity of the perfectly sharp, rectangle Sol sunglasses by Bask Eyewear have become a testament to just that.



3. Burberry 4291



Burberry 4291 – Matte Black/Grey Lenses

Another huge trend that has resurfaced is the return of the shield sunglasses, or did they never leave? The Burberry 4291 have a high-fashion feel with sporty style resulting in the ultimate statement piece.




4. Cancer Council Bright


Cancer Council Bright – Black Rubber/Smoke Polarised Lenses

The Bright sunglasses from Cancer Council have maintained their spot on the best sellers list due to the versatile shape and affordability. This style is a fantastic option for stylish eyewear that won’t break the bank.




5. Carrera 1014/S


Carrera 1014/S – Black/Gold Mirror Lenses

We’ve already established that 90’s fashion is making a comeback in a big way – the Carrera 1014/S Navigator sunglasses have a strong, retro sports influence with a dose of urban attitude.




6. Carve Havana


Carve Havana – Shiny Clear/Grey Lenses

Looking for a pair of sunglasses you can wear everyday? The Carve Havana sunglasses have been wildly popular due to the classic and easy-to-wear shape available in a range of colours.




7. Dior Stellaire 1


Dior Stellaire 1 – Rose Gold/Grey Gradient Lenses

The Stellaire 1 sunglasses by Dior combines all of our favourite trends into one. We love the oversized square shape that is both modern and retro, these sunglasses are lightweight and minimalistic in the best way.




8. Dolce & Gabbana 4268


Dolce & Gabbana – Black/Grey Gradient Lenses

Classic, elegant and simplistic. The Dolce & Gabbana 4268 sunglasses are the perfect choice for those who are looking to invest in a pair of timeless sunglasses that will defy the test of time.




9. Dragon Eyewear Remix


Dragon Eyewear Remix – Leopard Safari/Bronze Gradient LL Lenses

The Remix sunglasses from Dragon Eyewear are a fresh take on the brands #1 seller, The Jam. Available in an assortment of colours, these shades are a great choice for those who are looking for protective sunglasses that don’t compromise on comfort.




10. Dragon Eyewear Monarch


Dragon Eyewear Monarch – Matte Black/Rose Gold Ionised LL Lenses

Keep it casual in the Dragon Eyewear Monarch sunglasses. This style is made for active individuals who have an appreciation for classic sunglasses with a balance of style and substance.




11. Epokhe Szex


Epokhe Szex – Gloss Black/Grey Lenses

The Epokhe Szex sunglasses are like the wayfarer’s cooler older sibling. Undeniably appealing due to its edgy but elegant cat eye shape, the Szex sunglasses will add the perfect amount of attitude to your look.




12. Le Specs Unreal!


Le Specs Unreal! – Black/Smoke Lenses

Frequently spotted on all of your favourite social media platforms, these rectangular shades have gained massive attention as of late. Achieve the effortlessly cool look with the trendy and super sleek Le Specs Unreal! sunglasses.




13. Le Specs The Ginchiest


Le Specs The Ginchiest – Neon Orange Halo/Orange Mirror Lenses

Looking for a style with a bit of edge in a variety of colours that extend beyond the stock standard? The Ginchiest sunglasses by Le Specs play on some of the biggest trends in eyewear today; geometric silhouettes and neon colours.





14. Maui Jim Red Sands


Maui Jim Red Sands – Matte Black/Blue Hawaii Polarised Lenses

The Maui Jim Red Sands sunglasses are the crème de la crème of premium eyewear due to the classic, comfortable shape and advanced lens technology. See the world in a variety of optically clear lenses with brilliant colour clarity.




15. Maui Jim Honi


Maui Jim Grey Tortoise Stripe/Neutral Grey Gradient Lenses

The Honi sunglasses by Maui Jim combine performance lens technology with timeless design, establishing this style as a favourite for women with both active and laid-back lifestyles.




16. Oakley Holbrook


Oakley Holbrook – Polished Black/Grey Polarised Lenses

We love a good classic and feel that the Holbrook sunglasses by Oakley are a style that will remain on top for years to come. Find the perfect pair to suit your lifestyle through the huge range of colours available in the Holbrook.




17. Oakley Sutro


Oakley Sutro – Matte Black/Prizm Road Lenses

The Oakley Sutro’s have come in hot following the huge sports trend while being comfortable and functional. The popular Sutro sunglasses attest to Oakley being renowned as leaders in performance eyewear.




18. Otis 100 Club


Otis 100 Club – Matte Black and Gunmetal/Grey Lenses

We’ve seen renditions of the famous Clubmaster time and time again, but Otis’s version of the legendary style is up there with the best. Combining optically clear glass lenses with earthy colour-ways turns this classic shape into a modern sensation.




19. Polaroid P4086


Polaroid P4086 – Black/Grey Gradient Polarised Lenses

The Polaroid P4086/S sunglasses are a must-have for those who love an over-sized but feminine cat eye. This style allows you to dress up your look without spending a small fortune.




20. Prada PR 59XS


Prada PR 59XS – Pale Gold and Matte Black/Grey Polarised Lenses

Taking the very best from the 70s, the Prada PR 59XS sunglasses are a modern take on the adored oversized, round shape with a touch of nostalgia.




21. Quay Hardwire


Quay Hardwire – Pink/Clear Blue Light Lenses

The Quay Hardwire sunglasses have had high demand due to the timeless and comfortable shape combined with blue light filtering technology. Say goodbye to drowsy eyes with these stylish sunglasses that double as both a fashion staple and your best friend when using your smart devices.




22. Raen Remmy 49 Small


Raen Remmy 49 Small – Sand Dune/Groovy Bronze Lenses

If there was ever a one-size-fits-all sunglasses, the Raen Remmy 49 sunglasses would be it. This style looks great on just about everyone and comes in a huge variety of colours to personalise your look.




23. Ray Ban 4089 Balorama


Ray Ban 4089 Balorama – Black Green Glass Lenses

Wrap-around sunnies have remained a popular shape due to functionality and comfort making them a go-to for general sports. The Ray Ban 4089 Balorama sunglasses are a revival of the 1967 Olympian style evolution and are showing no signs of slowing down in demand.




24. Ray Ban 3449


Ray Ban 3449 – Arista/Brown Gradient Lenses

It wouldn’t be a list of top sunglasses styles without a mention of everyone’s guilty pleasure, the Aviator. The Ray Ban 3449 sunglasses boast a rimless design making them a modern alternative to the original Aviator style.




25. Serengeti Nuvola


Serengeti Nuvola – Satin Black/PHD Polarised Lenses

The Serengeti Nuvola combines everything you’d want in a compact sports style; light weight, flexibility and an ultra-clear field of vision with photochromic lenses. These shades are always a good choice for cycling, running and general sports.




26. Spotters Rebel


Spotters Rebel – Gloss Black/Nexus Glass Polarised Lenses

We believe that good sunglasses are worth investing in and the Rebel sunglasses by Spotters are a prime example. Favoured for its comfortable fit with optically clear and polarised lenses, the Rebel sunnies are a fisherman’s best kept secret.




27. Versace 4361


Versace 4361 – Black/Grey Lenses

It’s hard to keep up with the growing popularity of the Versace 4361 sunglasses but it’s easy to see why they have gained so much attention. Combining some of the biggest trends seen in eyewear today including thick temples and a geometric shapes, we think the 4361’s are here to stay.