Michael Jordan’s Sunglasses In Netflix’s The Last Dance

May 22, 2020


Everyone is talking about ESPN’s The Last Dance docu-series on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls released on Netflix recently. It has quickly become a cultural sensation with over 5.6 million viewers since its release – and for good reason. The highlights of Jordan’s career, the unaired footage of all the big names in the NBA, the nostalgic soundtrack from the era and of course, the quintessential 90’s fashion; this docu-series has it all. If you weren’t too distracted by the over-sized baggy suits and vibrant outfit choices, you might have noticed the collection of sunglasses Michael Jordan was sporting throughout the series.

It turns out Jordan had a specific eyewear of choice, Oakley. Wrap-around, petite sports eyewear is something we don’t see too often these days but like many other iconic trends of the ’90s, Jordan made these big and they’re making a comeback.

We’ve recapped the Oakley sunglass styles worn by Michael Jordan and fellow NBA star Dennis Rodman in The Last Dance, so you can join the revival of the ’90s.



Oakley Eye Jacket Redux – Available here
Released: 2019

The original Oakley Eye Jacket Redux sunglasses revolutionised the look of sports performance eyewear in 1994. Worn by Jordan and even modelled in the campaign himself, these shades exemplify old school style with a futuristic silhouette. Shop the reimagined 2019 Oakley Eye Jacket Redux sunglasses online at Just Sunnies and choose from a range of colours that will take you back to the golden age of basketball.

Oakley Romeo
Released: 1997

The Oakley Romeo was unveiled in 1996 as the world’s first 3D sculpted, hypoallergenic, all metal frames. Jordan wasn’t the only big name to sport these hi-tech shades, Tom Cruise also wore them at the beginning of Mission Impossible 2 – it doesn’t get more 90’s than that. While the iconic style was discontinued by Oakley in 2004, there’s no confirmation that the style is not making a come back soon – which gives us hope we might see Romeo once again.


Oakley Juliet
Released: 1999

The Juliet sunglasses by Oakley were debuted in 1999 as an updated design of the Romeo. These sunglasses were released in the height of the X-Metal craze which transcends through the robust and sturdy design of the Juliet, these were the ultimate sunglasses with style and comfort.

Oakley M Frame
Released: 1989

While Michael Jordan was known to wear the Oakley M-Frames, you might have seen fellow NBA star Dennis Rodman in a pair of these futuristic frames throughout The Last Dance series. Though flamboyant at the time, this style later became popular among other sporting personalities. While the Oakley M Frame is hard to find, we suggest browsing through the Oakley Sports section to find your M frame look-a-like.

Oakley Trenchcoat
Released: 1999

The Oakley Trenchcoat sunglasses are so 90’s it hurts. Featuring a more circular frame than the previous models listed, these 1995-esque shades were another favourite of the NBA stars Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman during the era. We’re voting the iconic fast frames for a major comeback in 2020.

Oakley Mars Leather Frame
Released: 1998

Regarded as the holy grail of Michael Jordan sunglasses, the Oakley Mars Leather Frames are an exclusive ode to the 90’s. While leather and detailed stitching is an uncommon feature in eyewear, they are one of the most sought-after Oakley sunglasses as they are a Jordan-specific design.