National Sunglasses Day: Why You Still Need to Wear Sunglasses in Winter

June 29, 2020


As winter approaches many of us say goodbye to our golden tans and early morning rises in favour of track pants and sweats to keep us cosy during those chilly mornings and nights. Despite the disappearance of bikini’s and warm weather, one thing we shouldn’t be swapping out is our sunglasses.

Over the weekend we celebrated National Sunglasses Day and although it falls in the middle of winter in the southern hemisphere, we recognise that wearing sunnies this time of year is just as important as wearing them during summer. We’re here to tell you why sunglasses are an essential and non-negotiable accessory and wearing them should remain a force of habit even when the temperature drops.

Fortunately for us in Australia, our winters are mild in many places and the sun continues to shine. While we might be missing the heat we run to get our sunnies for, sunshine and glare off of surfaces can be just as intense during the colder months. For this reason, it’s important to always carry a pair of sunglasses with you, even on a cloudy day. UV rays don’t come and go between seasons and maintaining eye health is extremely important, even more so as we get older.

Though the sun might not feel as warm as it does during our sometimes unbearable summers, the sun in winter sits at a different angle and is lower in the sky resulting in heightened UV exposure. Combining this factor with frosty or wet roads can cause obstructed vision for drivers, chucking on a pair of polarised sunnies will aid in reducing glare while providing visual clarity. You might already know this if you are a seasoned skier or snowboarder as wearing sunglasses is crucial when on the slopes due to the strong reflection from the snow. Applying this practice to your everyday life is essential in protecting your eyes all year round.

As for fashion? What was once a massive faux pas (fashion no-no) to wear sunglasses during winter unless you were Anna Wintour, has now become a staple accessory for every season. After all, besides our best summer attire, what looks better with sunglasses than a stylish coat or leather jacket? Winter is the perfect time to experiment your look with some trendy sunglasses to dress up your jeans and sweats while giving your eyes the protection they deserve.

Don’t let the temperature deter you from wearing your favourite shades all year round, wearing sunglasses is worth celebrating every day. Check out a range of fashionable and functional sunglasses for men and women online at Just Sunnies.