Ray Ban Chromance – Just Sunnies

May 26, 2017

Do you love colour? Pure, vivid, saturated colour? Let us introduce you to Ray Ban Chromance – the lens for eyes that love colour.

Unfortunately, sometimes¬†our eyes aren’t giving us the full picture. It isn’t their fault, it can be quite challenging in the sun with glare and the like. However, it means there is a whole world of colour out there that we’re missing out on. Enter Ray Ban; their new lenses re calibrate the light to make the colour spectrum brighter and clearer.

Through hydrophobic coatings, polar filters and mirror reflectors, Chromance lenses offer the wearer a unique vision experience. Effectively, the chromatic contrast allows for higher definition and and fine tuned lighting. This ultimately leads to a brighter, clearer vision of the colour spectrum while simultaneously blocking out harmful UV rays.

Fortunately for the fashion conscious, all of this practicality doesn’t come at the cost of style. There are five styles offered with Chromance lenses, which will suit a variety of purposes from street style to sports performance.

Head to our website or in store today to check out the entire range of Ray Ban Chromance.