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Matte Tort/Brown Lenses


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A smaller version of the Swingarm, we totally love the fit of the Swingarm S by Electric. 

Electric Visual sunglasses offer extensive lines of protective, stylish eyewear for sports enthusiasts all over the world. Electric Visual has successfully designed a wide range of optically correct, 100 percent UV protective sunglasses to suit all individual styles. Each line features its own unique styles and designs with distinctive detailing and understated creativity. Simple, classic designs will satisfy the needs of all types of personal styles.

Electric are a chosen fleet of destroyers to smash routine, to carve a new path and allow the unfamiliar to revel in the brilliance of uncontaminated design.

Electric sunglasses are recognised as an accessory product with exciting innovation, design and appeal.

Who’s taking sunglasses into tomorrow? Electric Visual are.

Shop a massive range of Electric Sunglasses online at Just Sunnies. ELECTRIC Eyewear has bold designs and markets an extensive line of award-winning sunglasses for men and women, made in Italy of the highest quality, designed and tested in California’s rich natural resourced landscapes. ELECTRIC prides themselves on providing protective optics suitable for everyone including a variety of polarised sunglass options.

ELECTRIC’s Optics of OHM (Optical Health through Melanin) incorporate Melanin infused lenses that block 100% UV & 98% of harmful HEV blue light, relaxing your eyes and providing crisp, haze-free vision.  This lens technology is carried throughout the entire sunglass range. 

ELECTRIC Eyewear separates itself from others by being The World’s Greatest Independently Owned Sunglass Brand. Designed in California and made in Italy of the highest possible quality, since 2000. ELECTRIC is a participant-owned, global, premium eyewear brand rooted in Southern California’s rich music, art, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, outdoor sport, and customization culture.

The below lens and frame information is general details about the different types of lenses and frames available from Electric.
Specific lens and frame descriptions are available on each individual product description. Eg: Gloss Black/Grey Polarised Lenses. 
If you have any further questions please contact our customer service team at:
Electric understands that everyone is different and with this, everyone prefers different lens types, to cater to this need Electric Vision provides a few different levels of protection and technology within their lenses. 
Melanin - All Electric sunglasses include a Melanin layer within the lenses which helps protect the delicate skin around your eyes. Melanin is a natural pigment which is found throughout the human body. Its role is to protect you against sunlight damage by filtering UV and blue light. It prolongs your retinal health, and acts as a SPF 140 for your eyes and skin around your eyes. Melanin improves visual clarity and contrast while relaxing your eyes.
Polarised Lenses - Electric offer a range of polarised lenses that filter out reflected light and glare off cars, water, pavement, sand and snow. This lens works great for any activity where high glare conditions exist. Electric’s polarised lens achieves 99% efficiency in blocking polarised light waves and blocks 100% of the suns damaging UV rays, while maintaining optical clarity.
Polarised Plus Lenses - All the goodness of polarised with the added benefits of a Hydophobic coasting that repels water, swear and condensation, and Oleophobic coasting that repels oils and dust, and Flash Mirror coating for added glare protection and an Anti-Reflective coating that reduces reflections off the back surface of the lenses. 
Lens Categories
Category 0- These lenses are classed as fashion spectacles and not sunglasses. They provide limited or no UV protection.
Category 1- These are not classed as sunglasses. They do provide limited protection from the sun and some UV protection. 
Category 2- Category 2 lenses provide a medium level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.
Category 3- Category 3 lenses provide a high level of sun glare protection and good UV protection.
Category 4- These are special purpose lenses that must not be used while driving at any time.
Most, if not all sunglasses sold by Just Sunnies are a category 2 or 3 lenses. If you have questions about the lens category of your chosen style please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team via email or phone (07) 55350994.
All Electric frames are made from high quality mold injected grilamide frames with perfectly engineered 5-barrel stainless steel optical hinges structured hold screws tighter for longer periods of time.  Frames are designed to be ultra comfortable and lightweight for a range of sporting and leisure activities.

Electric Sunglasses come with a soft microfibre cleaning bag.

*Case may vary with sunglasses


Electric offers a lifetime warranty against all manufacturers faults. Electric warranty does not cover scratched lenses.

* General wear and tear is not covered under warranty

For more information about warranty click here: 

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