Kids Sunglasses

Slather the sunscreen, pop on the hat and wrap your Barbie or Spiderman kids sunglasses on! ‘Mum, Dad, I am ready to go to the beach!’

Sunglasses are considered by many to be a fun accessory; many adults even wear them as fashion statements. While sunglasses can be fun, they also serve a very important role. Sunglasses protect your eyes! It is important to start children off on the right foot by insisting they wear sunglasses to protect their young eyes.

Putting sunglasses on your kids should be part of the everyday sun protection routine. Wearing kids eyewear as a youngster can help protect against the most common eye conditions that develop later in life.  Children should wear kids sunglasses anytime they are outdoors for a significant amount of time especially when they are in direct sunlight.

You don't have to spend a fortune buying kids sunglasses for your children, just ensure the pair you choose have standard UV 400 lenses or 100% UV protection.

Just Sunnies offer a great range of kids sunglasses with fun colours, shapes and styles available so your kids won’t even want to take them off!