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Do your kids skip, play, and run around all day long? If so, you need to protect their eyes with kids sunglasses.

Sunglasses are considered by many to be a fun accessory; many adults even wear them as fashion statements. While sunglasses can be fun, they serve a very important role as well. Sunglasses protect your eyes! It is important to start children off right by insisting they wear sunglasses to protect their young eyes.

Let them choose their own sunglasses, as long as the ones they choose offer the correct amount of sun protection. There are so many fun designs.

Protect your kids' eyes with snazzy shades!

Shop the biggest range of Kids Sunglasses online at Just Sunnies. Just Sunnies offer a great range of kids sunglasses to shop with fun colours, shapes and styles available so your kids won’t ever want to take them off! The range includes kids polarised sunglasses so your child can experience the best vision even when they’re playing in the water. You don't have to spend a fortune buying kids sunglasses for your children, just ensure the pair you choose have standard UV 400 lenses or 100% UV protection.

Sunglasses are considered by many to be a fun accessory; many adults even wear them as fashion statements. While sunglasses can be fun, they also serve a very important role. Sunglasses protect your eyes! It is important to start children off on the right foot by insisting they wear sunglasses to protect their young eyes.

Putting sunglasses on your kids should be part of the everyday sun protection routine. Wearing kids eyewear as a youngster can help protect against the most common eye conditions that develop later in life.  Children should wear kids sunglasses anytime they are outdoors for a significant amount of time especially when they are in direct sunlight.

The below lens and frame information is general details about the different types of lenses and frames available from Kids Sunglasses
Specific lens and frame descriptions are available on each individual product description. Eg: Gloss Black/Grey Polarised Lenses. 
If you have any further questions please contact our customer service team at:
Kidz Licensed Sunglasses all have 100% UV protection. Kidz Licensed Sunglasses also provide a range of Cancer Council eyewear that is polarised, providing kids with further protection again. Polarised is a layer in the lens that block out 100% of reflective glare, making high sunlight conditions easier to see in while placing less strain on the eyes. While this maximum protection is great, UV protection still provides adequate protection to look after kids eyes. 
Polycarbonate lenses are exceptionally tough and are the preferred choice of sports people.  They offer excellent protection from UV radiations and highly durable. Any sunglasses that comply with the Australian Standard will offer the protection you need to help prevent eye damage. If you are after optimum protection, choose sunglasses that wrap around and are close fitting.
Lens Categories
Category 0- These lenses are classed as fashion spectacles and not sunglasses. They provide limited or no UV protection.
Category 1- These are not classed as sunglasses. They do provide limited protection from the sun and some UV protection. 
Category 2- Category 2 lenses provide a medium level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.
Category 3- Category 3 lenses provide a high level of sun glare protection and good UV protection.
Category 4- These are special purpose lenses that must not be used while driving at any time.
Most, if not all sunglasses sold by Just Sunnies are a category 2 or 3 lenses. If you have questions about the lens category of your chosen style please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team via email or phone (07) 55350994.
Kidz Licensed Sunglass Frames are made from Polycarbonate materials. Polycarbonate is a strong and fairly flexible material used in the making a lot of sunglasses all around the world. Some of the Kidz Sunglasses are made from a soft touch rubber, these allow maximum flexibility in the hands of young children.

All Kids Sunglasses come with a soft microfibre protective pouch.

*Case may vary with sunglasses

Kids sunglasses have a 6-month warranty against manufacturers faults.

* General wear and tear is not covered under warranty

For more information about warranty click here: 

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