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Polarised Sunglasses

Just Sunnies is proud to offer the biggest range of polarised sunglasses online in Australia. The huge range of mens polarised sunglasses stocked by Just Sunnies are perfect for fishing, checking the surf or a day on the green. The range includes amazing quality brands like: Oakley, Maui Jim, Spotters, Mako, Fish, Arnette, Bill Bass, Dragon, Dirty Dog, Glarefoil, Le Specs, Ugly Fish, Spy, Smith, Rip Curl, Raen, Liive, Otis Ray Ban and Persol. Just Sunnies also has an amazing array of womens polarised sunglasses, produced with quality materials and amazing manufacturing. Youll be spoilt for choice searching for an excellent pair of womens polarised sunglasses with brands like: Cancer Council, Oakley, Spotters, Fiorelli, Serengeti, Ray Ban, Bolle and Raen, just to name a few!

What is polarisation?

Polarised lenses cut through glare, offering the best clarity glare-free vision. Glare is created when the sun hits horizontal surfaces like snow, water, asphalt and other cars. It also reduces vision acuity causing eyestrain and fatigue. Polarising lens technology removes glare and the stress that comes with it. Driving in glare can be extremely dangerous as it can hinder your vision and create blind spots when looking at the road. By choosing a polarised lens, youre ensuring your eyes stay sharp and safe from strain.

Oakley has created a unique and innovative HDPolarized Technology that eliminates the need for glues and films that can distort your vision. HDPolarized lenses are created using an infusion moulding process that blends the polarisation into a single layered lens.

polarised lenses

What is photochromic?

Photochromic lenses adjust according to your environment. These are perfect for people who move indoors and outdoors regularly or those who are sensitive to light. Not only does a photochromic lens enhance your vision in low light environments, it also increases colour contrast and creates amazing depth perception. Photochromic lenses are perfect for high glare situation and provide the ultimate protection against UV rays.

Photochromic technology works by adjusting the molecules inside the lenses, causing them to lighten and darken in differing conditions. The technology is injected into the glass meaning it will never wear off or out.

Spotters are is a great brand that offers photochromic lenses giving you 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Spotters use an excellent decentred lens, giving you perfect visual alignment and distortion free vision. Perfect for a way on the boat, Spotters Photochromic range are triple activated, meaning they give you enhanced depth perception.

Another high quality brand that also offers excellent photochromic lenses is Serengeti. Serengeti offers a unique Polar PhD lens built on NXT lens platform that features a new evolution of polarised and photochromic lens technology. By removing the disadvantages of film-based polarisation, Serengeti have created an Advanced Polarised Surface Technology, which places the polarised layer of the lens directly onto its back surface. Serengeti's Polar PhD lenses block blue light eliminating eyestrain and fatigue triggers. The unique lens technology also boats anti-scratch hard coatings, backside anti reflective coatings and oil and water resistance.

Smith Optics has created Polarchromic lenses which are polarized lenses with photochromic technology perfect for adapting light conditions. By producing specific lens tints, Smith have created the perfect pair of sunglasses for every condition, whether youre in-shore, on the ocean, on the road, trail or field, Smith Optics have the ideal Polarchromic lens tint for you.

photochromic lenses

Why purchase a glass lens?

Glass lenses are an excellent choice for people prone to scratching their sunglass lenses. Mineral Glass is the most scratch resistant lens material and provides a distortion free vision.

Otis has manufactured an innovative mineral lens, featured in all their sunglasses. By using mineral glass, Otis has created an optically correct, high resistance to scratching and distortion free sunglass.

Other brands that offer exceptional glass lenses are: Mako, Spotters , Smith and Serengeti.

What is Oakley Prizm?

Oakley has created an innovative lens technology revolutionising decades of colour science research. The Oakley Prizm lens provides excellent control of light transmission and optimising clarity of colours and enhanced visibility. Oakley offers an extensive range of Prizm lenses for all light and colour conditions. Prizm Daily Polarized is excellent for running, driving and everyday activities. Prizm Deep Water Polarized and Prizm Shallow Water Polarized are both perfect if youre looking for coverage while enjoying water sports such as boating, wakeboarding and fishing. Prizm Field is the ultimate specific sunglass for Baseball enthusiasts where as Prizm Golf is ideal for its namesake. If youre searching for a sunglass tailored to your specific needs of cycling, running or driving, the Oakley Prizm Road lens is just for you!

prizm lenses

Why have an anti-reflection coating?

The anti reflective coating found on the backside of lenses in select sunglasses eliminates sidelight reflections, ensuring the UV rays emitted through the side of sunglasses dont bounce off the lens and reflect into your eyes.

Smith provides an exceptional lens contraction that features not only an anti reflective coating, but also anti-scratch and Hydroleophobic which repels moisture, grease and oil.