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A collective in every sense of the word, Szade are breaking the cycle of waste and excess in the fashion industry through their range of fashionable, recycled sunglasses. Designed in Melbourne with the world in mind, Szade not only incorporates sustainability in every process, the forward-thinking brand is all about inclusivity, accessibility, diversity and innovation, which truly sets them apart in the eyewear industry. Underground cool with a nonconformist attitude, Szade are worlds ahead when it comes to fashionable eyewear designed with everyone in mind.

What's new

Introducing five new styles, Szade's latest collection of recycled eyewear includes everything from bold rectangular shapes to statement shield styles in a variety of on-trend colourways. The new range aims to challenge how we perceive ourselves and the world around us; to see and be seen by one's self simultaneously. Szade's new collection encompasses self-expression and exploration through fashionable, recycled frames that were destined for landfills.

Discover the best-selling Dollin style

The Dollin sunglasses are a best-selling style with a trendy 90s throwback shape that will bring nothing but good vibes. Available in six groovy colourways, the trendy rectangular shape should be a staple in everyone's eyewear collection.

Recycling Process

Szade's holistic approach to sustainability isn't limited to a capsule collection; recycling is an integral part of every process. With every pair of sunglasses designed and created consciously with the environment in mind, Szade continues to research and develop cleaner and more efficient ways of developing high-quality eyewear.

Szade collects discarded, broken and faulty sunglasses frames, the team then breaks down the collected sunnies into thousands of tiny pieces to feed into their rejuvenation machine. The pieces are polished and formed into pea-sized pellets which are then coloured and heated inside moulds. Szade hand polishes and assembles the sunnies one by one, and are then packaged and ready to wear. Their recycling system doesn't end there. Once you no longer wear your Szade sunnies, simply pop out any metal parts and place both the lens and frame in any household or commercial recycling unit; your sunnies are sustainable every step of the way.