Just what you have been waiting for… RUSTY EYEWEAR.

Makers of fine fabrics and sartorial elegance, Rusty finally made the jump into the eyewear realm in 2013. Like everything the company does, the line is classic and stylish, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Rusty is a man. Or, at least, it began as one man. LA-born Rusty Preisendorfer moved to La Jolla, San Diego, as a thirteen year old, got turned onto one of California’s best waves, got good, got sponsored and learned to shape. 

Before the seventies were out, he’d shaped world title winning boards and had crafted the sleds beneath the feet of Australian legends such as Rabbit Bartholomew. But, it wasn’t until the teenage sizzle of Mark Occhilupo aka Occy in 1984 that Rusty dumped shaping boards and created the instantly recognisable R dot.

In 1988, Rusty clothing was launched. And, then, the roll really began.

Rusty has played a smart card when it comes to developing the shapes and outlines of their sunglasses. There’s nothing too rude or tweaked that will scare off the conservative buyer, but the collection still contains pieces that are contemporary enough to keep the fashion forward consumer onside.

One thing in their favour though is that Rusty have pre-built brand recognition and that could be the very thing that separates them from other companies, that and their affordable range of Rusty sunglasses.