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The Biggest Sunglass Trends for Women in 2021

Five major sunglass trends to look out for.

Embracing the vibrant energy of the new year, 2021 is all about pressing reset and refreshing our style. This year's biggest trends in women's eyewear revolve around timeless shapes with a modern update, encompassing oversized silhouettes and bright colours to match this year's playful, energetic and eclectic style.

Sport-Luxe Aviators

Shades your dad wore in the 90s, but cooler

2020 saw the 90s sports athleisure trend truly flourish, and this trend has continued to make waves in 2021. Acetate-frame aviators have a particularly nostalgic feel about them, adding a playful but relaxed detail to your outfit. The sport-luxe aviator is the ultimate model-off-duty style, and since they are usually oversized, they offer extra coverage from the sun.

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Oversized Shapes

Slim sunglasses making way for XL frames

Teeny-tiny specs certainly had their moment, but it’s time oversized sunglasses move their way into the spotlight. This year, the bigger the better; go for a 70s XL square style or keep it classic in an oversized round style. If you’re wanting to try this trend but are worried about the size, a neutral tone like a light brown or honey colour, as opposed to black, will make the style look less dramatic and more subtle.

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Rectangle Revival

The perfect balance between subtle cool and wearability

Narrow, but not as slim as last year’s tiny rectangle trend, a larger rectangular-shaped style is a subtle nod to the 90s style without being too trendy. Wearability is the point of difference between this year and last; this everyday silhouette will sit more comfortably while providing the coverage you need.

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Tinted Lenses

The noughties called, they want their sunglasses back

Nearly bigger than Y2K itself was the fashion that defined the decade. Think Nicole Richie, Legally Blonde and Juicy Couture; everything was more colourful, shiny and eccentric in the early 2000s. Tinted hot pink and light blue lenses in black mini frames were seen on every socialite at the time, and since Y2K fashion has come full circle in 2021, it’s no wonder why tinted lenses are so hot right now.

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Statement Chains

A modern update of a retro accessory trend

Some trends take warming up to, which is what we saw with the emergence of dainty sunglass chains last year. However, with everything bigger and better in 2021, chunky and statement chains are the latest accessory to take your sunglasses to the next level. Gold chains will add a luxurious element to your look, or if you prefer something more playful, colourful beaded chains are just as on-trend.

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