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Polaroid Sunglasses

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Showing 1 - 60 of 106 Products

Polaroid Sunglasses

Shop a great range of Polaroid Sunglasses online at Just Sunnies. Polaroid's unique technology provides polarised glare-free vision, optimum UV protection and outstanding quality at an extremely attractive price/performance ratio. Polaroid Eyewear is the pioneer and expert in polarised lens technology as well as a leader in eyewear design for men and women, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

At Polaroid Eyewear, they synthesise function and fashion with technology and design. Polaroid Eyewear is a world leader in optics and lens technology and a global eyewear manufacturer and distributor.

Polaroid invented the first man-made polariser for commercial use in 1929 and has been a pioneer and expert in polarizing lens technology ever since. Polaroid Eyewear remains a market leader in manufacturing high-quality polarizing lenses and distributing fashionable polarised sunglasses around the world. Demand for polarizing eyewear is rising steadily as more and more consumers come to realise the benefits of glare-free vision.

Are all Polaroid sunglasses polarised?Arrow

Yes, all Polaroid sunglasses are made with polarised lenses. Polaroid Eyewear is the pioneer of polarised lens technology, which eliminates glare off of reflective surfaces through a special filter built into the lens.

Are Polaroid sunglasses good?Arrow

Polaroid sunglasses have been on the market for many years and are renowned for their high-quality and reliability. They provide a high level of UV protection with polarised lenses that are comfortable to look through.

What is the difference between Polaroid and polarised sunglasses?Arrow

Polaroid is the name of the eyewear company, and "polarised" is the technology built into the lens that protects your eyes from glare.

How much are Polaroid sunglasses?Arrow

Polaroid Eyewear is at an affordable price point with sunglasses ranging from $65 to $110 dollars.