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Spotters Sunglasses

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Spotters Sunglasses is a proud Australian-owned brand founded on the core principles of passion, innovation, and adventure. Spotters sunglasses combine technology, style, comfort, and functionality seamlessly to enhance your fishing and outdoor experiences. With their polarised lenses and exceptional scratch resistance, Spotters sunglasses ensure crystal-clear vision in any environment, allowing you to take your outdoor pursuits to new heights.

Showing 1 - 60 of 151 Products
Showing 1 - 60 of 151 Products

Spotters Sunglasses

Discover the complete range of Spotters Sunglasses available for purchase online at Just Sunnies. Enjoy Free Express Shipping* and convenient pay-later options like Afterpay at checkout. Spotters Eyewear takes pride in being an Australian-owned brand renowned for its optically clear lenses, specifically designed for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the most popular men's and women's Spotters styles, including the Riot, Mia, Artic +, and more, with an extensive selection of performance lens colours designed to optimise a wide range of outdoor environments. Every pair of Spotters sunglasses guarantees 100% optical accuracy and is available in scratch-resistant glass or CR-39 lenses.

Spotters is dedicated to pushing boundaries by developing innovative lens technology and leveraging advanced engineering to transform eyewear into an essential element of the outdoor experience. By prioritising natural comfort, style, and quality, Spotters offers glare-free polarised sunglasses that ensure superior visual clarity while significantly reducing eyestrain and fatigue. The polarised lenses enable you to enjoy the outdoors with exceptional clarity and a heightened sense of contrast, clarity and detail.

Whether you are planning to use these sunglasses for hiking or plan on buying a pair for sport, Spotters are your versatile option.

Spotters frames are constructed using premium materials known for their lightweight and durable qualities. The result is a high-quality product that delivers unparalleled visual performance. With a strong commitment to excellence, Spotters strives to provide Australians with the finest sunglasses available in the market.

As an authorised stockist of Spotters, Just Sunnies will keep you up-to-date with the latest sunglass styles from Spotters' growing catalogue of performance sunglasses. Experience the fusion of world-class quality, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional performance in the comfort and style of Australia's very own Spotters sunglasses.

Women's Spotters Sunglasses

See popular Spotters styles for women including the Ruby, Sophia and Ellie sunglasses. Whether you're in need of a new pair of sunglasses for fishing or you're looking for something more fashionable and for everyday wear, you're certain to find the perfect pair with Spotters eyewear. Spotters sunglasses boast the perfect fusion of style and comfort due to their 100% optically correct and scratch-resistant lenses. Browse through a range of shapes for women including stylish round, square and wraparound styles, and see the entire range of women's Spotters sunglasses at Just Sunnies.

Spotters sunglasses design their eyewear to adhere to the harsh Australian conditions so you can enjoy all of your favourite outdoor pastimes while receiving the best in eyewear protection.

Men's Spotters Sunglasses

If you're on the hunt for a reliable pair of sunglasses for your next fishing expedition or simply after a casual and stylish accessory for everyday wear, our large range of men's Spotters sunglasses has you covered. All Spotters sunglasses are equipped with exceptional polarised lenses that help cut out bothersome surface glare from hitting your eyes to ensure clarity-free vision and prevent eye strain and discomfort. Explore a variety of shapes, from sporty men's wraparound silhouettes to classic square styles to ensure you find the pair to suit your lifestyle needs and preferences. Invest in long-term eye health with our large range of men's Spotters sunglasses.

Where are Spotters sunglasses made?Arrow

Spotters are 100% Australian-owned with a mission to offer a uniquely Australian product to combat the country's harsh climate. All Spotters sunglasses are made in their Melbourne facility.

Are Spotters sunglasses any good?Arrow

Made with high-quality and technologically advanced materials, Spotters sunglasses excel in comfort and protection. Spotters offers a range of premium lenses, each designed to optimise various outdoor light conditions. With innovation, technology and comfort at the forefront of their designs, Spotters sunglasses are leaders in the performance eyewear realm.

How to clean Spotters sunglassesArrow

All Spotters sunglasses come with a gentle cleaning cloth to remove any build-up or marks on the lenses. To deep-clean your Spotters sunglasses, use a warm soapy water to clean the frames and lenses. Always ensure your sunglasses are completely dry before putting them away.

What level UV rating are Spotters sunglasses?Arrow

Spotters sunglasses feature either a category 2 or 3 lens while offering 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. All Spotters sunglasses are polarised, offering full glare reduction and visual clarity.

Which Spotters sunglasses are best for driving?Arrow

All Spotters sunglasses are suitable for driving as they feature polarised lenses to block glare from the road. Depending on your surroundings, a brown or amber lens would be best for low-light conditions, while Spotters sunglasses with a grey lens are best for bright-light environments.

Are Spotters sunglasses scratch resistant?Arrow

Spotters' Crown Glass lenses are treated to increase strength and durability, enabling their lenses to withstand general impact. Spotters lenses are one of the most scratch-resistant optical lenses, making them perfect for both everyday wear and outdoor adventures.

Do Spotters have glass lenses?Arrow

Spotters have a range of both polycarbonate and glass lenses accompanied by their innovative and environmentally-optimised lens technology. Their Crown Glass lenses offer crystal clear vision with zero distortion, giving you sharp and clear vision with a sturdy and comfortable fit.