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Spotters sunglasses
Man wearing Spotters sunglasses

Spotters Eyewear

Delivering Extraordinary Visual Performance

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With a mission to offer a uniquely Australian product, Spotters develop their premium polarised eyewear to survive Australia's harshest conditions. With some of the harshest UV exposure in the world, every pair of Spotters sunglasses is designed to combat extreme glare while maintaining style and all-day comfort. Spotters is an eyewear brand that is deeply passionate about the great outdoors, in particular our marine ecosystems, which is why Spotters is a go-to brand for fishermen and those who love nothing more than experiencing the natural wonders Australia has to offer. Bringing innovative technology and exceptional design together to create premium protective eyewear, Spotters champions the art of performance eyewear through their extensive range for men and women.

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Spotters Ignite Lens

Ignite Lens

Spotters newest addition, the Ignite lens, is a vibrant red and gold mirror lens that overlays a neutral grey glass base, designed to reflect bright and heat while creating a cooling effect. The grey base enhances natural colour and depth perception while the mirror's cooling effect reduces eye fatigue.

Spotters Fishing sunglasses

Fishing gear starts here

For deep-sea, on-shore and everything else in between, Spotters' range of polarised sunglasses offer amazing depth of perception and increased colour contrast no matter your environment. Spotters know how important it is to have the right eyewear when fishing, with benefits ranging from spotting fish accurately to protecting your eyes in harsh environments. If you're after performance eyewear for your next fishing adventure, look no further than Spotters for premium polarised lenses designed with protection and performance in mind.

About Spotters Lenses

When developing their eyewear, Spotters focuses on the lenses first. High-quality lenses are the most important component in delivering 100% UV protection while maintaining perfect visual clarity. All Spotters sunglasses come with polarised lenses, so you're always protected from distracting glare. Using only the best materials, Spotters are the only eyewear brand in the world to specialise in polarised Crown Glass and CR-39 lenses, while producing the industries' thinnest distortion-free Crown Glass in a range of performance lens colours.