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Block glare while improving clarity and contrast with polarised sunglasses available to shop online at Just Sunnies Australia. Discover a range of men's and women's polarised sunglasses from top brands like Maui Jim, Oakley and Ray-Ban that filter intense reflected light, ensuring your vision is never compromised. For sport, driving, and active lifestyles, look no further than polarised sunglasses as the ultimate all-rounder for eye protection.

Polarised Sunglasses

Shop the largest range of Polarised Sunglasses online at Just Sunnies Australia with over 4,000 polarised sunglass styles to choose from, enjoy Free Express Shipping* and Afterpay to complete your purchase. Say goodbye to glare and hello to a whole new world of vision with the range of polarised sunglasses for women, men and kid's sunglasses from all of your favourite brands including Oakley and Maui Jim. Polarised lenses contain a special filter that blocks intense light that reflects off flat surfaces like water, this is why polarised lenses are particularly popular for those who enjoy water sports, such as fishing and surfing.

Shop the range of polarised sunglasses from brands such as Cancer CouncilGlarefoilDirty DogRay-BanDragonMako and Spotters. Polarised sunglasses also improve vision whilst driving as it eliminates the glare produced from the road and other cars. Polarised lenses are not limited to certain activities or demographics, as a pair of polarised sunglasses is optimal for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and improving visual clarity.

Give your eyes the treatment they deserve and start wearing polarised sunglasses. Enjoy shopping the largest range of polarised sunglasses in Australia online at Just Sunnies.

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Are non-polarised sunglasses good?Arrow

As long as the sunglasses offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB, both non-polarised and polarised sunglasses are a great option. Many non-polarised sunglasses have a category 3 lens which provides high protection against sun glare while reducing the overall intensity of bright light. However, these sunglasses do not have a filter built into the lens that stops glare as polarised lenses do. Non-polarised sunglasses are often favoured by those who play ball-tracking sports like golf and tennis as polarised lenses can hide detail that is required when tracking the ball.

Can gradient sunglasses be polarised?Arrow

Yes, gradient lenses can also be polarised. Sunglasses with a gradient polarised lens are great for things like driving as they will block glare reflected off the road while shielding your eyes from overhead sunlight with the lighter bottom half of the lens allowing you to see the road clearly.

What are polarised sunglasses?Arrow

Polarised lenses have an extra filter built into the lenses that block glare. Glare bounces off reflective surfaces like water, snow, metal and the road, which is not only distracting but can be damaging to the eyes. Polarised lenses will deflect and minimise the appearance of glare so your vision is obstruction-free.

Are polarised sunglasses better?Arrow

If you're after a pair of sunglasses that offer high protection against UV while blocking out glare, polarised sunglasses may be considered the best option. Many polarised lenses will not only deflect glare but will also offer exceptional visual clarity, resulting in a more comfortable view. If you feel like you are constantly squinting even when wearing non-polarised sunglasses, polarised sunglasses may be the better option for you.

How to tell if sunglasses are polarisedArrow

There are a few easy ways to tell if your sunglasses are polarised if they do not have the "P" printed somewhere on the lens or frame. Hold your sunglasses up to your computer screen and rotate to a 60° angle. If your lenses darken in colour, this means your sunglasses are polarised. If they stay the same, they are non-polarised. Alternatively, hold your sunglasses up to a reflective surface and turn your sunglasses on an angle. If the glare reduces, your sunglasses are polarised. If there is no change, your sunglasses are non-polarised.

Do polarised sunglasses block UV?Arrow

Polarised sunglasses have a range of benefits which includes UV protection. The higher then lens category, the higher protection against UV; look for polarised sunglasses with a category 3 lens for the best protection.