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Maui Jim

Born on the sunny beaches of Maui, Hawaii, Maui Jim Sunglasses is the fastest growing premium polarized sunglass manufacturer in the world, combining PolarizedPlus2 lens technology with superb fashion.

The Maui Jim Sunglasses PolarizedPlus technology was born from this sun-centered lifestyle. No other sunglass offers the same level of visual acuity, protection and color enhancement as the technology in Maui Jim Sunglasses. Maui Jim answers the ancient challenge of glare like no one else. Three elements in the Maui Jim Sunglasses multi-layer PolarizedPlus lens design ensure a complete solution to glare. With glare out of the way, more usable light is transmitted to the eyes for the best visual acuity, contrast and color.

The Maui Jim Stainless Steel Collection features a rimless design and hinge system that brings together style and performance in one tight package. It's perfect for those who prefer lightweight Maui Jim Sunglasses in a sturdy frame package with a rimless design and hinge system and superior optics.

The Flexon frame on the Maui Jim Sunglasses is made from a bendable "memory" metal. This frame is lighter and keeps its shape longer than traditional metal frames.

Maui Jim Sunglasses make perfect sense for everyone regardless of demographics or geographic region. Recipients will appreciate their quality, performance and protection. All Maui Jim sunglasses come with a one-year limited warranty and are backed in Australia with outstanding customer service.

The Maui Jim range is in store at Just Sunnies and can be bought with a simple email or phone call.

If you like the style and expertise of Maui Jim Sunglasses, please email or over the phone, please call us on 07 5535 0994 between business hours Monday-Friday and we will get back to you with the best available price.

Try as we might, we cannot display every sunglass in the world, and so if they’re sold in Australia, then we can supply it.

Just Sunnies looks forward to assisting you in making your purchase.  We will respond to any enquiry by phone or email within 24 hours.