Experience life in more detail with polarised lenses.

See more bright and vividly without letting glare get in the way with polarised sunglasses. For when you're out on the water, driving or doing the things you love outdoors, sunglasses with polarised lenses will offer the best clarity and glare-free vision so you can focus on what matters. No matter your budget or your style, you can find a range of polarised sunglasses to suit your lifestyle, enjoy browsing polarised eyewear from premium brands like Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Spotters and more.

Our featured polarised brands

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Polarised Sports Eyewear

Never lose sight of what's important with polarised sunglasses to suit your active lifestyle. For cycling, running or a day out on the green, sports eyewear with polarised lens technology will eliminate distracting glare that may hinder your performance.

Enhance your performance

Eliminate glare from water, snow and the road with polarised lenses.

Oakley Prizm™ Lens Technology

See every detail with Oakley Prizm™ lenses. Oakley's exclusive lens technology allows you to see in more detail with sharpened visual perception and colour contrast.

Premium Polarised Sunglasses

Get the luxe look without skipping out on protection and comfort. Shop a selection of high-end designer and fashion-forward styles for men and women with polarised lenses that cut out glare, leaving you with optically clear vision and enhanced detail.

Polarised Lifestyle Shades

Sit back and relax with polarised lenses that do all the hard work for you. For sunglasses that are easy on the eyes in every sense, explore a range of men's and women's polarised lifestyle sunglasses suitable for any occasion.

Superior technology with everyday style

Give your eyes the best protection while doing the things you love with polarised lifestyle sunglasses.

OTIS polarised mineral glass lenses

Combining optically clear mineral glass lenses with polarised technology, OTIS's polarised lenses provide higher definition and greater contrast to help you see more clearly, whatever the light conditions may be.

What does polarised sunglasses mean?

Polarised sunglasses are made with special lenses that reduce glare that reflects off of surfaces such as water, snow and glass. Polarised lens technology deflects glare from hitting your eyes through a filter that blocks this type of intense light which reduces discomfort. Glare is not only distracting and uncomfortable to look at, it also distorts vision and hides detail. This is where sunglasses with polarised lenses can be a huge advantage for sports and driving as vision isn't compromised as colour and your surroundings are enhanced in more detail, polarised sunglasses are also favoured by fishermen as they allow you to see beneath the water's surface. Polarised sunglasses offer the best protection against harmful UV rays in bright light situations and come in a variety of lens colours and styles to suit every need.

Polarised sunglasses vs non-polarised. What's the difference?

While all sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes against UV light, not all sunglasses are polarised. The difference between polarised and non-polarised sunglasses is that polarised styles have an added filter that actively blocks and deflects glare from hitting your eyes, while non-polarised sunglasses only aid in deflecting UV light. If you find yourself still squinting while wearing sunglasses, it might be worth switching to a style with a polarised lens.

How to check if sunglasses are polarised or not?

Many polarised sunglasses will have a "P" or something similar on the lens or frame, they are also usually sold at a higher price point than non-polarised styles within the brand. If you can't find whether your sunglasses are polarised on the lens or the packaging they came in, hold your sunglasses in front of a computer screen and turn the lenses 90 degrees. If the lenses are polarised, they will adjust in darkness depending on which way you turn them. If there is no change, they are non-polarised.

Are polarised sunglasses ideal for driving?

Polarised sunglasses are a good choice for drivers as they eliminate glare reflected off of oncoming cars, headlights and the road. This makes for a comfortable driving experience with reduced visual distraction, polarised lenses can also enhance detail in low-light and foggy conditions. However, polarised sunglasses are not recommended for nighttime driving as they can create a dimmer view in an already compromised light condition.

Can mirrored sunglasses be polarised?

Yes, there are plenty of mirrored sunglasses with polarised lens technology. While not all mirrored sunglasses are polarised, mirrored lenses act as a secondary barrier that deflects harsh light that bounces off surfaces like water. For this reason, polarised mirror sunglasses are favoured for boating and fishing as they work best in bright-light conditions when out on the water.