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Lenses for Prescription Sunglasses & Glasses Guide

Just Sunnies offers a variety of lenses and additional features waiting to be customised into your perfect pair of glasses & prescription sunglasses. Discover our range of lenses below to find out which one is right for you.

Prescription Sunglass Lenses

Just Sunnies prescriptible lens tints come in both polarised and non-polarised colour options. Polarised lenses block glare from surfaces that reflect light.

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Brown lens icon


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Blue Mirror lens icon

Blue Mirror

Silver Mirror lens icon

Silver Mirror

Gold Mirror lens icon

Gold Mirror

Lens Add Ons

From transition lenses to a blue light filter, elevate your optical glasses a step further with the features below. Transition, or photochromic lenses, are non-polarised lenses that start as clear or light-coloured lenses and progressively get darker in tint as they absorb light. Lenses with a blue light filter aid in absorbing the blue light transmitted from screens, reducing eye fatigue and improving visual comfort.

Grey lens icons

Grey Transition

Brown lens icons

Brown Transition

Green lens icons

Green Transition

Blue light filter icon

Blue Light Filter

*Blue light filter lenses are only available to add on to optical lenses only, not optical sunglass lenses.

Ray-Ban RX Program

Ray-Ban RX Program

The Ray-Ban RX Program offered by Just Sunnies allows you to customise your Ray-Ban sunglasses and glasses with your preferred lenses and optical prescription. With this program, you can select from a range of lens types, including polarised, gradient, and mirrored lenses. You can also choose your preferred lens material, such as glass or polycarbonate. Take your favourite Ray-Ban pair to the next level with the Ray-Ban RX program, offering a convenient and tailored optical solution for the brand you love.

Oakley RX Program

Oakley RX Program

The Oakley RX Program, available at Just Sunnies, allows you to customise Oakley sunglasses and glasses with your prescription with a range of lens options, including their signature Prizm lenses. Customers can choose from a selection of premium polarised and Prizm lens options, each designed to enhance specific colours and environments for driving, golfing, cycling, fishing and more. Explore the range of best sellers in both sunglasses and optical frames that are waiting to be fit with your optical script.