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Oroton Sunglasses

Shop the full range of Oroton Sunglasses online at Just Sunnies. Oroton Eyewear are renowned for quality and style. Think effortless, simple and sophisticated design. Perfect for women who desire style, elegance and quality. Oroton's sunglasses collection has the answer to every occasion and offers polarised sunglasses to remove unwanted glare. The brand is set apart with innovative designs, development processes and products that are aspirational yet functional.

Oroton began trading as Boyd Lane & Co in Sydney in 1938 and specialised in importing luxurious and high-quality fabrics from Europe to meet the needs of Australia’s blossoming fashion industry. Later in 1952 the name Oroton started appearing on handbags and in 1969 Oroton Pty Ltd was formed.

Understanding and interpreting international trends for the distinct and distinguished 'O' customer has always been the core philosophy of the Oroton brand. Today this remains the central tenet of Oroton. Oroton is both true to current fashions, but also the ‘O’ customer.

Oroton Prescription Sunglasses

As a renowned brand that offers a large variety of fashionable and affordable sunglasses, Oroton can also cater to individuals who require vision correction options without compromising on style. Oroton provides the option to customise certain sunglass styles with prescription lenses that meet the required standards for vision correction. To choose your perfect pair of prescription sunglasses, visit our prescription homepage.

Sustainability of Oroton Sunglasses

Oroton's commitment to fashion sustainability acknowledges the need for continual progress. As sustainability awareness is becoming imperative in the fashion world, Oroton is committing to yield positive social and environmental impacts by crafting sustainable accessories that will stand the test of time.

What makes Oroton sunglasses unique compared to other luxury brands?Arrow

Oroton stands out amongst other luxury brands due to several characteristics. Affordable luxury is a major attribute as Oroton creates a more accessible luxury brand by allowing a broader audience to enjoy premium eyewear without breaking the bank compared to some other high-end brands. Australian heritage is another major characteristic that sets Oroton apart. The brand offers a combination of relaxed charm fused with sophistication that dates back to 1938 when first introduced in Sydney.

What styles of Oroton sunglasses does Just Sunnies stock?Arrow

Here at Just Sunnies we stock a great range of Oroton sunglasses that will suit your individual needs. From classic square silhouettes to chic and elegant cat-eye sunglasses, Oroton offer a diverse range of styles that will elevate your look to new heights. We also stock eco-friendly frames as well as classic metal and acetate styles to suit your personal style.