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Versace Sunglasses

See the full range of Versace Sunglasses online at Just Sunnies with Afterpay and Free Express Shipping* in Australia. Versace Eyewear encapsulates the brand's iconic embellishments and lavish style as seen in the popular VE2054, VE2166 and VE4361 sunglasses. Versace is centred on the idea of a world of fashion, glamour and sexiness. This effortlessly translates into the Versace Eyewear designs, providing provocative and innovative sunglasses to the luxury market.

Versace Eyewear combines technical innovation with striking designs for women and men with a taste for luxury. All of Versace’s frames are distinctive and often feature details taken from the label’s graphics. Discover a range of glamorous shapes including embellished shields and bold, geometric shapes with polarised lens options.

In 1972, at the age of 25, Gianni Versace moved to Milan to focus on a career in fashion design and it didn’t take long for the Versace brand to gain attention. Gianni Versace redefined modern fashion by combining rock ‘n’ roll, art, celebrity and theatre with fashion in the 80s.

Today the Versace Empire is run by Gianni’s sister, Donatella, who has successfully evolved the brand for the 21st-century consumer. There are now over 100 Versace boutiques around the world, offering millions of consumer’s modern, elegant and timeless designs.