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Sustainability has never looked this good.

Give back to the planet one pair of sunnies at a time with eco-friendly sunglasses. Combining modern and on-trend design with biodegradable materials, sustainable sunglasses are the best way to freshen up your look while reducing your environmental footprint. What was once limited to a small range of environmentally-friendly materials has now expanded into a range of creative and innovative bio-degradable sunglass materials with more and more brands adopting these sustainable practices. Enjoy browsing a collection of fashionable, functional and eco-friendly sunglasses from brands like Arnette, Szade, Le Specs, OTIS and more.

Our featured eco-friendly brands

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Arnette Bio-Acetate Collection

Arnette's latest eyewear release includes bio-acetate sunglasses that don't compromise on exceptional quality and design. The wildly cool lifestyle brand is one of many brands leading the movement to more sustainable practices in eyewear, proving that sustainability doesn't have to mean a sacrifice in style. Their 2021 bio-acetate collection offers fresh and retro styles made from 50-70% renewable raw materials, with lenses made from 39% castor oil-derived materials.

Dragon Upcycled sunglasses

Dragon Upcycled Collection

From recycled bottles to sustainable shades, Dragon's Upcycled Collection reimagines eyewear from plastic that was destined for the ocean.

Costa Untangled sunglasses

New frames made from old nets

In an effort to "untangle our oceans", Costa released their Untangled Collection of top-quality sunglasses made from 97% to 100% recycled fishing nets.

What are eco-friendly sunglasses made out of?

Traditional sunglass frames made out of plastic and metal with paint coating can take upwards of 450 years to decompose, which is why many eyewear brands have adapted more sustainable manufacturing processes. The quality of eco-friendly sunglasses have come a long way; it's often difficult to distinguish between traditionally made eyewear and recycled. The most common materials found in eco-friendly sunglasses are bio-acetate, recycled plastics and plant-based materials.

Bio-acetate is like regular acetate found in sunglass frames, but it's mixed with bio-plastic plasticisers made from renewable sources making them recycle and biodegradable. OTIS and Arnette have released collections that are manufactured with high-quality bio-acetate materials that will decompose when discarded. Plant-based frame materials can be derived from a variety of plant sources, some of the most common materials are castor plants, tree pulp and grass-based fibres. Zeal and Le Specs offer a great range of eyewear using plant-based materials and renewable resources to reduce their environmental impact. Brands like Szade and Dragon take discarded plastics destined for landfills and repurpose them into hand-polished, high-quality sunglass frames; recycled sunglasses aim to break the cycle of single-use plastics.

Shop by collection

Le Sustain by Le Specs

Le Sustain by Le Specs

Driven by a desire to make eyewear more sustainable, Le Specs' Le Sustain collection is made from sustainable materials with zero-waste packaging.

Tens sunglasses

Tens Eco-friendly Shades

Tens create custom lenses to create the ultimate filter. Their frames are made from plant-based acetate materials that give back to the planet that they take so much inspiration from.

Otis Eco-Acetate sunglasses

Otis Eco-Acetate Collection

OTIS' eco-acetate sunglasses are made from renewable resources widely present in nature, making them recyclable and biodegradable while upholding the exceptional quality the brand is known for.