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Mineral Glass Lenses

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OTIS eyewear transcends the boundaries between style, durability, sustainability and technical excellence through high-quality sunglasses. Founded over twenty years ago and inspired by the rugged surf-rich coast of Western Australia, the range of OTIS sunglasses combine unmatched style with substance through modern shapes with premium mineral glass lenses. Optically correct and environmentally conscious, OTIS's exclusive glass lenses are scratch-resistant and made from natural elements. Handcrafted to the highest standards, OTIS last the distance and complement an eclectic lifestyle.

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Polarised OTIS sunglasses


Designed with surfers, fishermen, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts in mind, OTIS's polarised lenses neutralise glare that bounces off of reflective surfaces. For extra protection in bright environments, look no further than polarised OTIS sunglasses.

OTIS Eco-Acetate sunglasses


OTIS's Eco-Acetate collection contains eyewear made from renewable resources wildly present in nature. Derived from cotton seeds and plant matter, the Eco-Acetetae sunglasses are recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Sustainable from the inside out, OTIS's mineral glass lenses are also sourced from natural elements like sand and soda ash for a non-toxic and endlessly recyclable solution to plastic.

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OTIS Mineral Glass lenses


Environmentally friendly, scratch-resistant and optically correct, OTIS's signature mineral glass lenses are made from non-toxic, natural materials that can be recycled with ease after their long life. However, their quality is never compromised. With the already natural scratch-resistant qualities enhanced through thermal hardening, the glass lenses are polished and precision tested to ensure they are 100% optically correct.

OTIS Reflect lenses


For those wanting to reduce glare further than regular lenses, OTIS's Reflect range features lenses with a mirrored finish that deflects light rather than absorbing it. Available in both polarised and non-polarised options, these mirrored sunglasses offer a fashion-forward look while adding that extra bit of protection when you need it most. Explore a variety of pink, blue and flash mirror lenses to suit your style.

OTIS L.I.T lenses


Polarised lenses taken to the extreme, OTIS's exclusive L.I.T lenses significantly reduce glare while lifting and enhancing the colour profile of your surroundings. The result is vision that is more vivid and precise through the combination of visual acuity, illuminated contrast and improved depth perception. The L.I.T lenses also feature anti-reflective technology with a hydrophobic treatment that creates a barrier between the lens and outside elements.