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Inspired by the classics, Raen is a fashion and lifestyle brand driven to create high-quality eyewear with premium materials at an accessible price. Authentic, innovative and always on-trend, Raen's core collection of everyday shades offer intrinsic value and timeless style for men and women. Raen have solidified themselves as frontrunners in fashion-driven lifestyle eyewear due to a range of popular unisex shapes, with the most notable being the ever-popular Remmy style. Discover the retro-inspired, round Remmy sunglasses that captures everyone's attention with the Raen Remmy collection.

The Remmy Collection

One best-seller, endless colours, the Raen Remmy is a retro-inspired round style with a modern flair. Available in both narrow and medium sizes, the Remmy's comfortable and fashionable design has become the brand's calling card that will never let you down. The on-trend unisex style comes in a variety of colourways, from clear coloured frames to earthy tones, Raen's best-seller is designed to fit into your lifestyle seamlessly.

Discover the Remmy's most popular colourways

Woman wearing Remmy in Champagne Crystal

Featuring a golden transparent frame with premium polarised lenses, the Champagne Crystal's flattering colourway earns the title of the best seller.

Remmy in Sierra

The Remmy in Sierra is the latest earthy colourway that's grabbed everyone's attention. Part of the Raen Exclusives collection, the Remmy in Sierra acetate takes neutral frames to the next level.

Find Your Fit

Available in two sizes, the Raen has created a large and small variation of their best-selling Remmy so you can find your perfect fit. The original 52 is a touch larger and offers a perfectly oversized fit for women, while the slightly smaller 49 is a refined fit suited best for males. Whether you're after a smaller frame or something with a little more coverage, the ultra-light Remmy is the complete package.

Explore the Remmy in...

Remmy in Cirus

Featuring a cool-toned and slightly opaque frame with brown polarised lenses, Cirus is one of the coolest new colourways in the Remmy style.

Remmy in Haze

The Haze Crystal adds a touch of warmth to the crystal acetate frame which compliments a wide range of complexions. Featuring plum brown lenses that brighten colour and contrast, the Remmy in Haze Crystal is the latest eyewear essential.