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27 Sunnies to Help You Celebrate National Sunglasses Day

At Just Sunnies, we’ll find any excuse to celebrate and National Sunglasses Day is no exception. Not only are they the perfect accessory to complete your look, but sunglasses also provide the best protection for your eyes against UV rays which prolongs long-term damage from the sun - and we think that’s something to celebrate. Here’s our list of 27 sunglass styles that everyone should have on their radar this year.

National Sunglasses Day BlogNational Sunglasses Day Blog

At Just Sunnies, we’ll find any excuse to celebrate and National Sunglasses Day is no exception. We may be a little biased, but we think there’s no fashion and lifestyle accessory more essential than sunglasses. Not only are they the perfect accessory to complete your look, but sunglasses also provide the best protection for your eyes against UV rays which prolongs long-term damage from the sun - and we think that’s something to celebrate. Here’s our list of 27 sunglass styles that everyone should have on their radar this year.

1. Oakley - Holbrook

Nothing beats the classics, the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are a style that has remained on top and will do for years to come. Find the perfect Holbrook to suit your lifestyle through the huge range of colours and Prizm lenses available.

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

2. Maui Jim - Starfish

The Starfish sunglasses by Maui Jim combine performance lens technology with timeless design, establishing this style as a favourite for women with both active and laid-back lifestyles. 

Maui Jim Starfish Sunglasses

3. Le Specs - Unreal!

Frequently spotted on all of your favourite social media platforms, these rectangular shades have gained massive attention as of late. Achieve the effortlessly cool look with the trendy and super sleek Le Specs Unreal! sunglasses.

Le Specs Unreal! Sunglasses

4. Carrera - Carrera 27

Proving to be one of the most in-demand styles in the past 12 months, the Carrera 27 have a strong retro sports influence with a dose of urban attitude people can't get enough of.

Carrera 27 Sunglasses

5. Carve - Havana

Looking for a stylish but affordable pair of sunglasses you can wear every day? The Carve Havana sunglasses have been wildly popular due to the classic and easy-to-wear shape available in a range of colours.

Carve Havana Sunglasses

6. Dragon - Remix

The Remix sunglasses from Dragon Eyewear are a fresh take on the brands #1 seller, The Jam. Available in an assortment of colours, these shades are a great choice for those who are looking for protective sunglasses that don’t compromise on comfort.

Dragon Remix Sunglasses

7. Bask - Dusk

What do you get when you combine polarised lenses with modern designs? The answer is the range of Bask sunglasses for men and women, with the flattering cat eye style, Dusk, proving to be the most popular choice this year.

Bask Dusk Sunglasses

8. Prada - PR17WS

Combining two of the most popular trends, rectangular shapes and geometric edges, the Prada PR17WS style is a hot favourite amongst influencers and fashion enthusiasts for its flattering but edgy style.

Prada PR17WS Sunglasses

9. Ray-Ban - Justin RB4165

The always popular Justin RB4165 sunglasses have an undeniable coolness about them through an unbeatable mix of high-quality design and casual style that ticks all the right boxes.

Ray-Ban Justin RB4165 Sunglasses

10. Dragon - Monarch

Keep it casual in the Dragon Eyewear Monarch sunglasses. This style is made for active individuals who have an appreciation for classic sunglasses with a balance of style and substance.

Dragon Eyewear Monrach Sunglasses

11. Oakley - Sutro

The Oakley Sutro’s have come in hot following the huge sports trend while being comfortable and functional. The popular Sutro sunglasses attest to Oakley being renowned as leaders in performance eyewear.

Oakley Sutro Sunglasses

12. OTIS - 100 Club

We’ve seen renditions of the famous Clubmaster time and time again, but Otis’s version of the legendary style is up there with the best. Combining optically clear glass lenses with earthy colourways turns this classic shape into a modern sensation.

Otis 100 Club Sunglasses

13. Spotters - Rebel

We believe that good sunglasses are worth investing in and the Rebel sunglasses by Spotters are a prime example. Favoured for its comfortable fit with optically clear and polarised lenses, the Rebel sunnies are a fisherman’s best-kept secret.

Spotters Rebel Sunglasses

14. Ray-Ban - Aviator Classic RB3025

It wouldn’t be a list of top sunglasses styles without a mention of everyone’s guilty pleasure, the Aviator. The Ray-Ban RB3025 sunglasses boast a minimalist metal frame and large teardrop lenses that not only make them effortlessly cool and timeless, but they also offer great coverage.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic RB3025 Sunglasses

15. Serengeti - Nuvola

The Serengeti Nuvola combines everything you’d want in a compact sports style; a lightweight frame, flexibility and an ultra-clear field of vision with photochromic lenses. These shades are always a good choice for cycling, running and general sports.

Serengeti Nuvola Sunglasses

16. Versace VE4361

It’s hard to keep up with the growing popularity of the Versace VE4361 sunglasses but it’s easy to see why they have gained so much attention. Combining some of the biggest trends seen in eyewear today including thick temples and geometric shapes, we think the VE4361’s are here to stay.

Verace VE4361 Sunglasses

17. Raen - Remmy 52

If there was ever sunglasses that were a one style fits all, the Raen Remmy 52 sunglasses would be it. This style looks great on just about everyone and comes in a huge variety of colours for you to personalise your look.

Raen Remmy 52 Sunglasses

18. Cancer Council - Bondi

The Bondi sunglasses from Cancer Council have maintained their spot on the best sellers list due to the easy-to-wear squared shape and affordability. This style is a fantastic option for stylish eyewear that won’t break the bank.

Cancer Council Bondi Sunglasses

19. Maui Jim - Barrier Reef

The Maui Jim Barrier Reef sunglasses are the crème de la crème of premium eyewear due to the classic, comfortable shape and advanced lens technology. See the world in a variety of optically clear lenses with brilliant colour clarity. 

Maui Jim Barrier Reef Sunglasses

20. Le Specs - No Biggie

The Le Specs No Biggie sunglasses are a square unisex style that offers a contemporary and relaxed look that is made to be worn by anyone effortlessly. The Pewter-coloured frame is an excellent alternative for those who find black or tort frames too bold.

Le Specs No Biggie Sunglasses

21. Arnette - Corner Man AN4261

The Arnette Corner Man AN4216 sunglasses are perfect for those beach to bar days. Offering high quality polarised lenses that work great in low light conditions and provide full coverage with a wraparound shape, this lightweight design is the ideal mix of maximum functionality, style and quality.

Arnette Corner Man AN4261 Sunglasses

22. Bask - Peggy

From the streets of New York to the Amalfi Coast, the Bask Peggy sunglasses have a versatile style that matches any kind of vibe. Offering a high-fashion but easy-to-wear alternative to polarised eyewear, your hardest decision will come down to which colourway you love most.

Bask Eyewear Peggy Sunglasses

23. Electric - Knoxville

Lightweight and durable while offering a laidback look, the Electric Knoxville sunglasses are the ultimate no-fuss pair of sunnies that can be worn for any purpose.

Electric Knoxville Sunglasses

24. SIN - Loose Cannon

How to make a statement without spending a fortune? The Sin Loose Cannon sunglasses, of course. This square-faced style offers a bold look while providing excellent coverage.

SIN Eyewear Loose Cannon Sunglasses

25. Liive - Bazza

If you're after something lightweight, protective and stylish, the Bazza sunglasses by Liive are the ultimate lifestyle pair of sunnies with polarised lenses to protect your eyes against glare while you do the things you love.

Liive Bazza Sunglasses

26. Spy - Cyrus

With ultra-thick temples that command attention while offering excellent coverage combined with Spy's signature Happy™ lens technology, life is peachy in the Spy Cyrus sunglasses.

Spy Cyrus Sunglasses

27. Baxter Blue - Georgie

Combining blue light filtering technology with polarised lenses, give your eyes ultimate protection while looking your best in the stylish and flattering Georgie sunglasses by Baxter Blue.

Baxter Blue Georgie Sunglasses