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Gone Fishing? Check Your Sunglasses First!

Whether you're saltwater fishing, steering the boat, bass or fly fishing, we've put together the fisherman's guide containing the sunglasses you need to improve your day out on the water.

When you’re packing your tool-kit for a day on the water, one of the most vital pieces of fishing equipment every angler needs is a pair of quality sunglasses.
Most fishermen have felt the intense glare of the sun on their eyes during a long session on the water. Between the hours just after dawn and before sunset, you can experience as much as 65% of incoming solar radiation reflected by just the water alone.

So what sunglasses do you need? And what should you look out for when purchasing your next pair of fishing sunglasses?

Polarised Sunglasses
Whether you’re fishing by the shore or on the water, your first priority should be Polarised Lenses.

Polarised lenses provide protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation and glare that reflects off the water and smooth surfaces like the boat. Eliminating glare not only provides protection in preventing eye strain, premature aging of the eyes and cataracts but also offers performance advantages.

Lens Colour
The type of fishing you do will determine the colour of the lens you purchase. As light conditions constantly change, it’s important to choose the right colour lens for your next fishing trip.

Green Mirror - Ideal for inshore and shallow water fishing. The green tint enhances contrast and vision, making it ideal for sight fishing in full sun.

Blue Mirror - Best for bright, full sun conditions on the open water and offshore. The blue lens significantly cuts down the glare of the harsh sun on open reflective water during boating and fishing.

Grey Silver Mirror - An all-rounder, grey silver mirror lenses is a great choice for any task in bright light environments such as water sports driving or water activities. The lens also reduces glare on overcast days.

Copper/Amber tints - This type of lens will make the environment appear lighter, making it useful for low-light conditions such as overcast, fog and haze. Lenses like this will assist with spotting fish at the bottom when there is no sunlight.

And don’t forget to consider the wraparound shape. These provide an extra layer of safety by blocking the sun from hitting the side of the eye/face.

Think you know the right fishing frame for you? We’ve handpicked some of the best styles for you to take on your next fishing adventure.