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How To: Sanitise Your Sunnies & Keep Them Germ Free

Ever wondered about the germs on your sunglasses? The good news is cleaning bacteria from your glasses is easy. Follow these steps on how to disinfect sunglasses to help prevent spreading germs and viruses.

Sanitise Your Sunnies & Keep Them Germ FreeSanitise Your Sunnies & Keep Them Germ Free

As soon as health experts warned to avoid touching our faces in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, it seems we have all discovered just how much we do so on a daily basis. It’s a difficult challenge for everyone and adding sunglasses into the mix certainly doesn’t make it any easier. But we’re here to help. We have compiled a few quick tips on how to best care for both your sunnies and health during these difficult times.

We know some habits are hard to break, placing our belongings down on surfaces and using our hands to adjust our eyewear are just some of the things we used to overlook. Just like washing your hands regularly, it’s good to get into the habit of giving your sunglasses a good clean especially if they have been worn outside of your home.

We’ve put together our top tips for keeping your sunglasses bacteria-free and crystal clean.

1. Use a sunglass cleaning solution

Lens cleaning solutions contain properties that will wipe off dirt and bacteria from your sunglasses without harming your lenses. We suggest cleaning your sunglasses after they’ve be in contact with surfaces or once you’ve returned from an outing.

2. No sunglass cleaner? Use water!

Warm, diluted soapy water will also help to rid your sunglasses of potentially harmful bacteria. Avoid using alcohol-based handwash or home cleaning products on your sunglasses as some ingredients may affect the quality of your sunglasses. Just as we advise to protect your lenses, it is important you avoid contact with your eyes after using these solutions.

3. Wash your cleaning cloth & case

With regular wiping, it doesn’t take much for your cleaning cloth to get a little dirty. We recommend popping your cloth into the washing machine once a week at a 60-degree heat cycle to rid your cloth of any nasties. Checking the cleanliness of your glasses case is also important. These can be cleaned with a damp cloth and soapy water, or with an anti-bacterial wipe then leaving out to dry.

4. Store your sunglasses in your case, not on surfaces

Knowing that surfaces can stay contaminated for some time, it’s not only important to clean your sunglasses before putting them back on but also avoid placing your sunglasses on different surfaces. By storing your sunglasses in your case, you will keep your sunglasses free of any germs or bacteria collected along the way.

If you’d like to learn more about caring for your sunnies in the safest ways how, we’d be more than happy to help. Remember to follow all safety practices advised by your local authorities and to stay safe, healthy and happy.