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Kendall Jenner for Versace Eyewear

The latest Versace eyewear campaign features the new face of the iconic Italian brand – Kendall Jenner. Take a closer look at some of the fashionable and futuristic Versace eyewear styles from the new collection.

Kendall Jenner in Versace EyewearKendall Jenner in Versace Eyewear

The latest Versace eyewear campaign features the new face of the iconic Italian brand – Kendall Jenner. Shot by renowned photography duo Mert and Marcus, the campaign calls attention to the power of technology in a high-fashion, futuristic way while exploring the theme of connectivity in the digital age. Apart from being a fitting concept at this moment in time and featuring one of our favourite Jenner/Kardashian members, the true stand-out is the selection of incredibly cool and ultramodern sunglasses from the latest Versace eyewear collection. Jenner sports a range of fashionable eyewear featuring the famous Medusa logo that debuted on the Spring-Summer 2020 runway. From the futuristic shield VE 4393 sunglasses with interchangeable magnetic lenses to the feminine and oversized VE 4387 sunglasses that boasts a timeless shape, we’re obsessing just a little bit over the latest range of Versace sunglasses.

Versace VE4387 SunglassesVersace VE4387 Sunglasses

Versace VE4387 Sunglasses
Black/Grey Lenses

Versace has long been associated with luxury and glamour which is exactly what the VE 4387 sunglasses embody. While not as daring in shape like other sunglasses in the collection, the VE 4387’s make up for in understated and timeless style. Enriched with a gold-tone Medusa accent enclosed by a Greca motif, these shades prove that just the right amount of detailing can elevate eyewear in a huge way. This fashionable style is for those who want to make a statement in a low-key way.

Versace VE4393 SunglassesVersace VE4393 Sunglasses

Versace VE4393 Sunglasses
White/Tri-Gradient Green Plus Grey Lenses

The VE 4393 sunglasses are a true testament to the Versace brand, this style embodies Versace’s avant-garde style that dares to go against the conventional. These futuristic shields are eccentric in the best way through interchangeable magnetic lenses that allow you to switch up your look with ease. The VE 4393s are effortlessly high-fashion by combining some of the biggest trends in eyewear being shields and futuristic structure.

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