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Sunglasses at Australian Fashion Week 2022

Despite the wet weather, sunglasses were spotted all across Afterpay's Australian Fashion Week, proving that a chic pair of sunnies are the key to a killer outfit in rain or shine. Keep reading to see our favourite styles worn around the famous Carriageworks event and where you can find them.

Woman wearing Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer sunglassesWoman wearing Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer sunglasses

Image Credit: Liz Sunshine

Year after year, the outfits on and off the runway at the annual Australian Fashion Week just seem to get better. With another year wrapped and the chaotic week slowly disappearing from our IG feeds, we thought we'd share some of our favourite sunglass styles sported throughout fashion week and where you can find them - just in case you missed it.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140

Spotted on more faces than one, it seems that the reign of the Wayfarer is well and truly back. Perhaps with the likes of Hailey Bieber and other celebs sporting the famous Ray-Ban style, the wayfarer trend has come full circle, and we're here for it. When thinking of effortlessly cool eyewear, the wayfarer certainly comes to mind. For the no-fuss pair of sunglasses that you know will compliment anything and everything in your wardrobe, you can't go passed the RB2140, available in a range of eye sizes and colourways to suit everyone.


Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer sunglasses

Black/Green Glass Polarised Lenses 50 Eye Size

Image Credit: Liz Sunshine

Versace VE2226

For eyewear that's sure to grab attention, there's no better time to sport a wraparound shield style with an eye-catching mirrored lens other than fashion week. Take extravagance one step further with the VE2226 sunglasses by Versace, which feature an elegant gold frame and signature Medusa detailing. Combining several of the biggest eyewear trends into one style, the VE2226 sunglasses are an all-in-one style to accentuate any outfit.


Versace VE2226 sunglasses

Pale Gold/Dark Brown Gold Mirror Lenses

Image Credit: Liz Sunshine

Prada PR17WS

Another event, another spotting of the Prada PR17WS sunglasses. With the demand for the sleek Prada style remaining strong, the PR17WS sunglasses are showing no signs of slowing down in popularity. So what makes this style so sought-after? Not only incredibly comfortable, but the lenses also sit at the perfect height, complementing a wide range of faces while the Prada Symbole adorned on the temple gives this style the high-fashion allure. See for yourself why the Prada PR17WS continues to sell out time and time again, available in both regular and alternative-fit frames.


Prada PR17WS sunglasses

Black/Dark Grey Lenses

Image Credit: Liz Sunshine

Miu Miu 06WS

Contemporary with a nostalgic feel, the 06WS sunglasses are one of the latest Miu Miu styles to hit the market. Featuring a daring, oversized wraparound shape and a soft beige frame, the Miu Miu 06WS sunglasses are perfectly feminine and high-fashion. Taking inspiration from the oversized sunglasses and light colour palettes of the past combined with the futuristic wraparound look dominating the eyewear realm, Miu Miu nailed the concept of unified classic and futuristic design.


Miu Miu 06WS sunglasses

Light Brown/Light Brown Lenses

Image Credit: Liz Sunshine

Women at Australian Fashion Week wearing sunglassesWomen at Australian Fashion Week wearing sunglasses

Image Credit: Liz Sunshine

Get the look

What came as a surprise to absolutely no one, wraparound sunglasses in all shapes, sizes and colours dominated fashion week. With many testing the waters with dark coloured wraparounds when the eyewear trend started to take off, it seems we are now well and truly comfortable enough to go beyond black frames by experimenting with white and coloured frames and even mirrors. For the effortlessly cool Y2K look, we've rounded up a few of our favourite wraparounds that push the boundaries of what's considered fashionable.