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Sunglasses for Run Club Warriors

Get ready to run in style as we unveil the coolest and functional sunglasses to elevate your running game. Get rid of your dating apps, because running clubs have become a popular activity to forge friendships and chase some goals, and we're to help you set some trends at the same time.

Good Good Running GroupGood Good Running Group

Image Credit: Good Good Running

It’s official, run clubs are the trendiest activity for 2024. You don’t need to be a professional sportsman to join a run club - if you’re after meeting new people or sick and tired of dating apps, joining a run club might be the best thing for you. Run clubs are about forming friendships, chasing goals and looking your best while doing it! So hold onto your water bottles and lace up those sneakers, because today we’ll shed some light onto some of the trendiest, protective and downright coolest sunglasses to rock at your next running session.

Blenders Eclipse

Introducing Eclipse sunglasses by Blenders - an epic shield silhouette where activewear meets lifestyle in perfect harmony. This wraparound design offers exceptional face protection while making sure you look your best. The transparent clear frame is crafted using TR90 nylon and features a cool two-tone temple design with striking orange mirror lenses, so it’ll be pretty hard to lose you along the trail with these bad boys. Not only will your eyes be protected from unwanted glare, but we feel you might just set a new personal record for style with this design.

Blenders Eclipse Sunglasses

Smith Vert PivLock

For those who seek unwavering concentration, Smith's Vert PivLock sunglasses guarantee uninterrupted focus while boasting an epic look. The rimless amethyst frame features a striking opal mirror lens equipped with Smith's renowned ChromaPop™ colour enhancement technology that delivers the crispiest views. Once you've completed your hot laps, stop by your nearest coffee kiosk and swap out your opal mirror lenses for a clear lens thanks to the easy PivLock system that facilitates an easy lens swap, making sure you look just as epic for your cooldown.

Smith Vert PivLock Sunglasses

Smith Wildcat

You'll be hitting the trails with some serious style and protection in the Wildcat sunglasses by Smith. These shades rock a daring shield silhouette that we think you'll be able to tackle any terrain with confidence. The hybrid construction has been expertly crafted using bio-based materials that make them flexible and super durable. With a black ChromaPop™ lens, you'll see the running trail in a whole new light - literally, the colours and contrast of your surroundings will stand out for an exceptional visual experience. Plus, with an interchangeable clear lens thrown in, you can mix and match your look for those low-light shenanigans.

Smith Wildcat Sunglasses

Nike Aerial

The Nike Aerial sunglasses are a secure, semi-rimless oval design that was crafted to endure heavy wear during extreme intervals. For those who are committed to their running regime, these sleek shades are the perfect pair. This unique design features a floating field tint lens that effortlessly floats over your eye rim for a panoramic view. The field tint lens is pretty intense when it comes to definition and clarity, as it mutes bright light so you can track obstacles (and your opponents) around you. We also think they look pretty cool so you'll get the best of both worlds - fashion and function.

Nike Aerial Sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV Path

Oakley has been a leading competitor when it comes to running sunglasses. The Radar EV Path sunglasses are the epitome of sports performance, featuring a semi-rimless design that is specifically engineered for optimal airflow and ventilation. What sets these bad boys apart from other styles is the unique Prizm technology that is equipped with jade mirror polarised lenses. Prizm technology enhances the colours and contrast of your surroundings, while the high polarisation cuts out harsh surface glare, you'll feel a world of a difference once you put a pair on. Not the first as a fashion choice, but these shades represent the perfect choice for runners.

Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses

Oakley Latch Panel

I know, another Oakley style, but, hear us out. Oakley introduces the Latch Panel sunglasses as a futuristic-looking shield silhouette constructed with a unique latch mechanism that allows you to clip your glasses to your shirt, which we think is pretty handy. This functional frame also features removable side shields that are designed to block glare and the haters from all sides, while the Prizm lenses continue to give you the most crispiest colours and contrast that will honestly have you experiencing a visual journey like no other.

Oakley Latch Panel Sunglasses

CHPO Henrik

Ok, with this pair of sunglasses, you will no doubt be making a fashion statement while on your group run. But don't worry, this design isn't all about style - the vibrant turquoise frame has been crafted using 100% recycled materials that help contribute to a more sustainable future while embracing your adventurous outdoor spirit. At a pretty great price point, the Henrik sunglasses are also equipped with polarised technology for exceptional protection, meaning sometimes you don't have to pay the big bucks to consider your eye health (and look this epic too).

CHPO Henrik Sunglasses