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24th May 2021

The Fishing Sunglasses Guide

Any experienced fisherman knows that sunglasses are an essential piece of equipment when out on the water. Not only do they help to protect your eyes from the harsh sun, but the right lenses can also improve your fishing experience. We break down what to look for in sunglasses for fishing, plus the best lenses to reel in the catch of the day.

Any experienced fisherman knows that sunglasses are an essential piece of equipment when out on the water. Not only do they help to protect your eyes from the harsh sun, but the right lenses can also improve your fishing experience. Being a water-based sport, wearing sunglasses onshore and offshore is uncompromisable due to the harsh glare that bounces back from the water’s surface.

Fishing is a diverse sport where location and light conditions all come into play when choosing the right sunglasses. No matter the weather, the main thing to look out for is a good pair of polarised sunglasses that provides your eyes relief and free from strain.

We break down what to look for in sunglasses for fishing, plus the best lenses to reel in the catch of the day.

Fishing Sunglasses


Fishing SunglassesFishing Sunglasses



As a water sport, polarised lenses are a must-have for fishing. As sunlight comes down in a vertical wavelength, it bounces off the water and redirects into a horizontal wavelength, which hits our eyes and turns into glare. Glare not only obstructs vision from the water’s surface, but it also causes huge discomfort and eye strain.

This is where polarised lenses come in. Polarised lenses have a layer of film that deflects the glare by absorbing the incoming horizontal wavelengths while still allowing vertical light. Blocking glare allows you to see clearly through the water’s reflective surface without any obstruction in your sight; tracking fish at a deeper level becomes a whole lot easier without glare interference.

Most sunglasses made for fishing will incorporate polarised lenses into their designs for this reason, other components like lens material and colour enhancing technologies will only elevate your polarised lenses so you can enjoy your day on the water with optical clarity.


The main lens materials found in sunglasses are made from polycarbonate plastic and glass, each of these lenses have their benefits and drawbacks when it comes to fishing. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and won’t shatter being a plastic lens, however, they can be prone to scratching if handled roughly. On the other hand, glass is more optically clear and scratch-resistant, but heavier and can shatter on impact. Lens material comes down to personal preference, you should determine the lens material based on comfort and what kind of elements your sunglasses might be exposed to.


Colour enhancement is a feature divided between two main categories of tint: grey and coloured. Each tint gives a different effect and is suited to different types of fishing. Lenses with a grey tint are the most neutral and won’t alter the colour you see through the lens, but rather darkens bright-light environments. Coloured lenses like rose or copper will change the tint of your surroundings and enhance colour contrast.

Dragon Fishing Sunglasses


Off-shore fishing takes place out in the open sea where the water is at least 30 metres deep. Unlike on-shore fishing, off-shore fishing on a sunny day is usually in direct sunlight with little to no protection against the sun. On days like this, glare and light bouncing off the water’s surface is especially strong and requires a grey tint polarised lens to neutralise and darken the intense sunlight. Without grey polarised lenses to deflect the brightness, it can be hard to track fish as you reel them to the surface. Sunglasses with a grey lens and blue mirror are favourable for this type of fishing as the blue mirror acts as an extra barrier to deflect the horizontal light wavelengths.

Oakley Split Shot Sunglasses

Oakley – Split Shot
Matte Black/Prizm Deep H2O Polarised

Oakley’s Split Shot sunglasses with the brand’s exclusive Prizm Deep H2O lenses are designed for off-shore fishing. The Deep Prizm H2O lenses are engineered to help boost colours that the water absorbs while cutting through glare so you can see what’s happening beneath the surface. The Split Shot’s are a high wrap frame made from lightweight O Matter material, with a detachable leash to ensure they’re secure.

Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar – Blackfin
Matte Black/Blue Mirror Glass Polarised

The Costa Del Mar Blackfin sunglasses are a trusted tool by the true angler, this wrap around style was designed with visual clarity and all-day comfort in mind. Featuring a flexible frame with thick temples, the Blackfin’s will protect your eyes from all elements while being light enough to wear all day. The grey polarised lens with a blue mirror will offer the best protection against bright light and high-glare conditions when out at sea, while the glass will provide optimal visual clarity.


On-shore fishing typically refers to fishing in bodies of water that are less than 30 meters deep; this includes lakes, streams, rivers, flats close to shore and even fly fishing. In on-shore fishing environments, there are generally trees, bushes and mangroves surrounding the area, as a result, lighting can be compromised with more shade and colour in your depth of field. Lighter lenses like copper, brown and rose tints will brighten and boost colour contrast around you rather than darkening your fishing setting. Coloured lenses with a brown base will help you see the hiding spots of fish to make them easier to track in water that would otherwise be too dark for grey lenses.

Maui Jim Peahi Sunglasses

Maui Jim – Peahi
Matte Black/HCL Bronze Polarised

The Maui Jim Peahi sunglasses with HCL bronze lenses are a great choice for on-shore fishing for many reasons. The Peahi features Maui Jim’s unbeatable PolarisedPlus2 lenses that will save your eyes from glare while being optically clear; the HCL bronze lenses will boost colour contrast in low-light conditions. The Peahi frames are made from a highly durable nylon material that is ultra-lightweight and won’t corrode from saltwater.

Smith Longfin Sunglasses

Smith – Longfin
Matte Grey – Chromapop Bronze Polarised

The Longfin sunglasses by Smith feature a 6-base wrap around shape with flexible temples and integrated side shields for optimal coverage. Featuring Smith’s exclusive Chromapop lenses in a polarised bronze tint, you’ll see detail and colour beyond normal capabilities. The Longfin’s Chromapop lenses are extremely versatile across every light condition in comparison to a traditional bronze lens that works well for partly cloudy days.



When it comes to frames, coverage, fit, and material are the main things you want to look at for fishing. After all, you want to feel your most relaxed and comfortable when spending an extended period on the water to optimise your performance.

Coverage and fit go hand in hand; the best sunglass style to go for are wrap around shapes as they generally have large temples that curve around the face with an expansive lens area. Sunglasses with an 8-base curve is another way to describe a wrap around design with thicker temples. Wrap around fits not only provide the most protection from the sun; they also hug your head comfortably and are less likely to fall off. You want to make sure your eyes are protected from all elements, including wind and various debris that might enter your eyesight. Knowing your sunglasses are secured to your face allows you to focus on reeling in the big ones with the confidence they aren’t going to fall off into the water below.

Wraparound sunglasses


Dragon’s exclusive H2O Floatable Collection takes innovation to new depths. With an injection moulded thermoplastic and a lower density H2O material, these sunglasses can float in water instead of sinking to the bottom. This style also features a grey tint polarised lens making them the perfect pair for high-intensity off-shore fishing.

Dragon – The Jam
Matte Black Floating/Smoke Polarised LL

Dragon The Jam Sunglasses

Many Costa Del Mar frames are designed with vents on the sides of their wrap around frames for extra ventilation. This feature allows for optimal airflow without sacrificing extra coverage from the sun. Meaning you can sweat all day long without worrying about your sunglasses fogging up and the sun ray’s creeping into the side of your frames.

Costa – Permit
Matte Black/Green Mirror Glass Polarised

Costa Permit Sunglasses