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Cancer Council

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Polarized sunglasses have been extremely popular among fishermen and other water sports enthusiasts for many years. Over the years, the popularity of these lenses has expanded to everyday sunglass wearers looking for the ultimate in visual protection.

Regular sunglasses block the UV rays coming from above your sunglasses and into your eye and don’t block glare from water, ice or shiny surfaces coming from below your eyes. Polarized lenses eliminate glare from these shiny surfaces, which can often obstruct your vision. Cancer Council sunglasses are especially important when driving as the glare from other cars can severely compromise your vision.

Drivers highly benefit from the effects of polarized lenses as well as water sport enthusiasts like fisherman, surfers and boaters, due to the high glare off water. Golfers, bikers, and skiers will also notice a huge difference when wearing polarized sunglasses outdoors.

If you're buying a pair solely for fashion-purposes, it’s still important to look for polarised models. Cancer Council sunglasses provide the protection and the style.

Cancer Council sunglasses are high quality and affordable sunglasses. All Cancer Council sunglasses have an Eye Protection Factor 10, the highest available. Cancer Council sunglasses are the most trusted sunglasses brand in Australia and have the highest number of sales of all brands on the Australian market.

When choosing Cancer Council sunglasses for sun protection, you are choosing the best protection for your eyes in the business. Cancer Council sunglasses are close fitting, wrap around style sunglasses. Cancer Council sunglasses block almost all UV radiation.

By purchasing sunglasses from Cancer Council you are helping to fund research, patient support and education in Australia.