Revolutionising luxurious accessories and readyto-wear for men and women, Coach continue to maintain their reputable title as a world wide leading designer.

Originally founded in 1941, Coach was born in a family-run workshop located in a Manhattan loft. The brand thrived due to its unique and authentic all American style, particularly embodying the iconic New York sophistication of the era. Starting their legacy from quality leather craftsmanship, Coach’s innovative products quickly created a cult following securing the prestigious position amongst leading designers which Coach continue to hold today.

Then, in 1941, the objective of Coach’s talented artisans was: to make beautiful, functional items in modern shapes and the finest leathers. Though the brand has expanded over time by introducing an extensive product range, Coach has not failed to create beautiful products that stay true to the original, creative ambitions. This authentic craftsmanship has been applied to Coach’s luxurious sunglasses range, making them front-runners in eyewear that embodies sophistication and comfort.