Dragon Eyewear

Starting out in a small garage in California in 1993, Dragon Alliance had the vision to become one of the leading eyewear and accessory brands on the market.  Today Dragon Sunnies have achieved those goals and are now one of the most popular surf, snow and more generally, sports culture labels on the scene…and for a good reason too!

Dragon Eyewear immerse themselves in the art of design, innovation and technique…. just like the elite athletes they sponsor from snowboarders and dirt bikers to surfers.  Their avid interest in these areas allow Dragon  Alliance Eyewear to design and create eyewear spawned from an intimate inside knowledge of the sports.  The result is relevant, insanely comfortable, ultra rad and technologically advanced eyewear that is made for their people.

Dragon Eyewear continues to grow and innovate, while staying true to its roots and remembering the brands humble beginnings.  Surf, Ski, Board or Bike, Dragon Alliance knows its people and designs eyewear specifically for them!