Designed in France since 1888.

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Delivering high-quality sunglasses designed for performance and protection, Bolle exceeds expectations when it comes to lens technology and design. Bolle keeps fit, fashion and comfort at the forefront of their eyewear, resulting in fresh and technologically advanced eyewear that keeps customers coming back for more. Favoured by cyclists, runners, and those with active lifestyles, Bolle is the ultimate sports and lifestyle brand that keeps you on the move.

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Volt+ lenses

Bolle's exclusive Volt+ lenses allow you to see colour in an exceptional way. Their formula offers an incomparable experience with 30% colour enhancement, high-performance polarisation and increased depth perception.

Eyewear destined for cycling

Bolle's range of eyewear designed for cycling caters to those who are after phenomenal optical clarity while optimising your best performance on the road. Featuring a range of comfortable sports shields and wraparound styles with the perfect amount of coverage, it's no wonder Bolle is one of the top picks for competitive cyclists. Choose from a range of polarised and photochromic styles to best suit your environment.

Exceptional polarised technology

Bolle's polarised lenses reduce eye fatigue while blocking out glare, making for a more comfortable visual experience.

Floating frames

Bolle's extra light frames are every waterman's dream with a strong TR90 Nylon frame that can float above the water's surface.

Weekend-ready lifestyle shades

For the best outdoor experience doing the things you love most, Bolle offers easy-to-wear styles with exceptional lens technology.