Introducing: MauiPure LT

December 5, 2019

Maui Jim Just Sunnies

Ever dream you could feel protected from the sun glare without the feeling of wearing sunglasses? With Maui Jim’s latest release, the MauiPure LT, you’re almost there.

Weighing just as light as a feather, the new lens technology of the MauiPure LT is their lightest piece yet. Taking inspiration from the aerodynamic design of feathers, this updated style from the MauiPure, the MauiPure LT lens is 27% thinner. Without impacting their crystal clear optics, MauiPure LT is consistently scratch and impact resistant. Providing optics almost as clear as SuperThin Glass, the new premium lens maintains the company’s highest quality in colour precision and range of the vivid colours we love to see. It wouldn’t be a Maui Jim experience if their patented lens technology weren’t included, the MauiPure LT is no different with the PolarizedPlus2® protection against damaging UV and HEV rays and the elimination of glare.

Available in Bi-Gradient Mirror, Blue, Pink, or Green Mirrors.

This favourite rimless style from Maui Jim has been modified to a lighter level of comfort, weighing at total only 10 grams per piece. Featuring beta-titanium temples and adjustable Rabalon nose bridges, the MauiPure LT frame retains the brand’s unrivaled functional shape while minimising the overall weight to achieve their lightest style yet.

So what styles have the all new MauiPure LT experience?

The MauiPure LT is available in two new rimless styles. ‘Hema’ (#443) and ‘Hikina’ (#445). Feel the difference of MauiPure LT and shop the latest sunglasses now at Just Sunnies online and in-store!