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Men's Sunglasses Buying Guide

Sunglasses serve a different purpose for every buyer and choosing your next pair goes beyond just what they look like. In this guide, we show you how to pick the perfect men's sunglasses based on a variety of factors, keep reading and let us do the hard work for you.

Mens sunglasses buying guideMens sunglasses buying guide

With thousands of sunglasses on the market, deciding which pair is right for you can be daunting. Sunglasses serve a different purpose for every buyer and choosing your next pair goes beyond just what they look like. When buying sunglasses, it's important to consider several factors like lens technology, frame size, the shape of your face and information about the brand to make sure you are making the most informed decision before adding to your cart. In this guide, we show you how to pick the perfect men's sunglasses based on a variety of factors, keep reading and let us do the hard work for you.

What are the best sunglasses for men?

While all the sunglasses that meet the Australian requirements for eyewear work to protect your eyes from the sun, not all sunglasses are made equally, nor are they all of the same quality. Having an understanding of things like polarisation, frame material, special features that are unique to the eyewear brand and even the price point can determine the difference between a lower-quality pair and a high-quality style.

If you're looking for the best men's sunglasses for sport, look to renowned brands like Oakley with sunglasses that feature special Prizm polarised lenses exclusive to the brand. Not only has Oakley been around long enough to gain a reputation as a leader in innovative sports eyewear, but their broad range of eyewear also caters to a variety of head shapes, sizes and sporting activities. Taking lens technology as a driving force behind the best sports sunglasses makes Maui Jim at the top of the list. Maui Jim sunglasses combine style and performance through state-of-the-art polarised lenses that are hard to beat. If you're into running, cycling or any fast-moving sport, Bolle has a huge range of wraparound and shield sunglasses that are acclaimed for their comfort and performance.

For more fashion-forward sunglasses, Ray-Ban offers a range of sunglasses with timeless style and premium quality. Not only do they have an unmatched coolness that has been celebrity-approved for decades, but Ray-Ban's premium lens technology and design also make them frontrunners in classic lifestyle eyewear. Persol is the ultimate Italian luxury eyewear brand that offers eyewear with a timeless appeal and a selection of polarised lenses. Nothing looks more fashionable than a classic shape refined with modern finishings, Persol has truly nailed this concept and even designed eyewear with a folding frame ability. For something fashionable without buying into a luxury brand, OTIS' range of eyewear combines a relaxed surf lifestyle aesthetic with modern frames and colourways. OTIS is a go-to for many for not only their on-trend styles but also for their premium mineral glass lenses.

Best Sports Sunglasses for Men

Best Fashion Sunglasses for Men

How to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape

While knowing your face shape and the style that suits it best isn't the be-all and end-all when choosing sunglasses, it can help you make a more informed decision on buying a pair that suit you best. For most of us, our face shapes don't fit perfectly into one category and so it's very possible you'll suit a variety of styles. Here's a general guide of face shapes and known styles that suit them best:

  • Round: A round face is widest across the cheekbones and more narrow around the forehead and jawline. Many people say to avoid round sunglasses if your face is rounded. While the perfectly round John Lennon shades might not do you any favours, square or rectangle sunglasses with rounded edges will work well.
  • Oval: If your face is longer than it is wide, you have an oval or rectangular shaped face. Lucky for you, an oval face suits most sunglasses. However, one to avoid would be an aviator shape with a teardrop lens as they will pull down your face and make it appear longer.
  • Square: Square faces have a strong jaw, wide forehead and cheekbones. Try to avoid square sunglasses that mirror your face shape, instead, go for a rounded style or shades with a more angular frame and curve.
  • Heart: If the narrowest point of your face is your jawline, you have a heart or triangle-shaped face. Heart-shaped faces suit just about everything, however, it's important to consider frames that are wider on the top than they are on the bottom to compliment your face shape.
  • Diamond: A diamond face shape has prominent cheekbones and jawline, this face shape is all about sharper angles. Diamond face shapes will suit almost everything, just be careful not to wear sunglasses that are too squared off as you run the risk of making your sharp features more severe.
Men's sport sunglasses

While that guide provides a general indication on what shape to go for, for men, head size matters far more than face shape. Your head size determines how large your lenses need to be in order to provide the best UV protection. If you have a larger face, go for wraparound sunglasses that have a little more room, or shop a brand like Oakley that provides their most popular models in an extra-large style. Go for sunglasses that are roughly as wide as your face with a height that isn't too short. Frames that are not too small or too big on your face are most flattering.

When in doubt, Wayfarer's look good on everyone

If face shapes, sizes and styles have gone a little over your head, go for the most popular and enduring style, the Wayfarer. Introduced by Ray-Ban in 1956 and staying just as relevant since its release, the Wayfarer is one fool-proof style that looks good on everyone. Since this style of eyewear is so popular, many brands have adopted their own version of the classic Wayfarer which comes in all sizes to suit just about every head. If you're unsure of which shape to go for, you'll never go wrong with this modern staple.

All about lenses & frames

Most sunglasses will fall into two lens category materials, polycarbonate lenses or glass lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight have a high level of optical clarity, they are also much more impact-resistant than glass lenses and are favoured for sports for this reason. Glass lenses provide distort-free vision and are far less prone to scratching, their price point tends to be higher than polycarbonate lenses and they can shatter on impact. Both lens materials come in a range of colours and tints, with each colour serving a different purpose.

  • Grey/black: Grey or black lenses are the darkest tints available; they’re suitable for sunny days and overcast days while being the most neutral and comfortable lens to look through. This colour is best for bright-light environments.
  • Brown/amber: Brown lenses brighten overcast and low-light environments, the warm hue in brown lenses blocks blue light and improves depth perception while heightening colour contrast. This lens is favoured for inshore fishing and sports like tennis and golf.
  • Green: Green lenses are a mix between grey and brown, they have the same function as grey tints in bright-light situations, but also heighten colour contrast like brown lenses. They're a great general-purpose lens for sports and leisure.
  • Rose/red: Rose or red lenses have a pinky tone that intensifies colour contrast in compromised lighting. A popular choice for driving, cyclists and runners, rose lenses strengthen coloured road markings, increasing visual awareness.
  • Yellow: Yellow lenses have a more specific functionality than other lenses. They increase contrast in hazy, foggy and low-light conditions, however, they are not suitable for bright light environments due to their light tint.
  • Gradient: Gradient lenses have a darker tint on top of the lens that gradually fades, they're a great choice for driving sunglasses as the lenses won’t dim your view of the dashboard. The gradual fade is good for environments like cities where sunshine can shift quickly.
  • Mirror: Mirror lenses act as a secondary barrier to other lenses as they deflect glare. Mirror lenses are recommended for fishing, boating, the beach, especially when paired with a polarised lens.

Polarised vs. non-polarised

Most sunglasses are either polarised or non-polarised, as well as photochromic lenses. The difference between polarised and non-polarised sunglasses is that polarised lenses block distracting glare that reflects off of flat surfaces through a special filter in the lens while non-polarised sunglasses only block UV light. Polarised lenses are favoured for fishing and boating as they block glare that reflects from water, or for cycling and driving where glare is reflected off of oncoming traffic and the road. Both lens types offer a high level of protection, whether or not to go for polarised lenses comes down to your environment, sports or personal preference. Some sunglasses have photochromic lenses which adjust automatically to changing light conditions, they get darker or lighter depending on your surroundings.

Frame materials

Comfort, durability and functionality can all come down to frame materials. There are several frame materials available, however, the main types are acetate, metal and more recently, bio-degradable materials.

  • Acetate: Strong, light and flexible, acetate frames come in a variety of textures and colours. They're the most common frame material.
  • Metal: Metal frames are more difficult to break than other frame materials. Metal frames are robust which allows for much thinner frames to be made.
  • Bio-degradable: Seen more and more, bio-degradable frames are made from natural and renewable materials that are able to be broken down and recycled.
Men's polarised sunglasses

When it comes to choosing sunglasses, it's best to consider what their purpose is for. For work or sports, look for a pair of wraparound sunglasses and take the lens and frame material into consideration. For fashion and everyday sunglasses, make your judgement based off of shape and frame material. Confidence is key when it comes to eyewear, always make sure your sunglasses make you feel great as well as looking good too. Check out the full range of men's sunglasses below.