Cycling Sunglasses

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Explore the unbeatable range of performance cycling sunglasses for men and women at Just Sunnies Australia. Whether you're a pro or you ride for leisure, you can find the best protective and comfortable sunglasses for cycling, no matter what condition you ride in. Choose from a range of photochromic lenses to adjust to the lighting around you, or polarised lenses to cut the glare, find your perfect performance pair from top cycling brands like Bolle, Maui Jim and Oakley.

Cycling Sunglasses

Shop a huge selection of Cycling Sunglasses online at Just Sunnies from best-selling brands like Bolle, Spy Optics and Dragon Alliance. From protective shield sunglasses to comfortable wrap around shapes, you will find a huge range of sunglasses for cycling with polarised and photochromic lens options to suit all conditions. Cycling sunglasses are a necessity to protect your eyes from all elements while on the road or track, be confident you are receiving the best protection while shopping men and women's cycling sunglasses at Just Sunnies with Afterpay, Fast Delivery and Free Express Shipping* offered.

Are polarised sunglasses good for cycling?Arrow

Yes, polarised sunglasses are recommended for cycling due to their ability to block glare that reflects off of the road, resulting in a less obstructed view. With the elimination of glare, especially on wet roads, you can see changes in the road and obstacles in your path more clearly. Some polarised lenses also heighten colour and contrast, highlighting the markings on the road in more detail.

What are the best sunglasses for cycling?Arrow

Shield and wraparound styles are the best sunglasses for cycling as their shape allows for a more secure fit and are less likely to slip off of your face at high speeds. Wraparound sunglasses offer greater coverage than other sunglass shapes, while shield sunglasses allow for a more unobstructed view through a single lens. For the best of both, go for a wraparound shield style from brands like Oakley and Bolle which specialise in cycling sunglasses.

What to look for in cycling sunglassesArrow

When choosing the right sunglasses for cycling, it's important to consider the shape and fit of the sunglasses in addition to lens technology. Choose sunglasses that sit comfortably and securely on your face like wraparound shapes, and consider sunglasses with a single shield lens for a less obstructed view of what is in front of you. Next is choosing the right lens for you; if you ride in bright, sunny conditions, you might want to consider polarised lenses that cut out glare from reflective surfaces around you like cars and the road. Look for sunglasses that specialise in on-road lenses like Oakley, Maui Jim and Bolle as many cycling sunglasses have a specialised rose coloured lens that heightens the colour and detail surrounding you.