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Celebrating the things we love most about summer, Just Sunnies' latest campaign, Eye Love Summer, is all about friends, family and good times while protecting our most important asset: our eyes. Warm weather calls for salty skin, longer days and sand in more places we'd like to admit; it also calls for protective eyewear for all ages. For long days spent at the beach with family, for afternoon drinks with friends, for watersports and everything else in between, wearing sunglasses will prolong your time spent outside so you can do the things you love for longer. See our favourite styles of the season highlighted throughout this fun and vibrant campaign shot on the sunny Gold Coast.

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If you're one to spend plenty of time by the water or if you're outside a lot in bright light conditions, polarised sunglasses are something to consider. Polarised lenses have a technology built into the lens that shields your eyes from glare reflected off surfaces like water, road and metal. Exceptional technology doesn't mean a compromise on style, browse a range of fashion-forward and stylish polarised sunglasses that will keep your eyes protected and your style in check.

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