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Blending science and art that redefines eyewear, Oakley is one of the leading sports performance eyewear brands in the world. Worn by world-class athletes and acclaimed for its exceptional product design, Oakley is the leader when it comes to innovative lens technology that sets them apart from any other eyewear brand. Offering a great range of sports performance and lifestyle sunglasses for men and women, Oakley appeals to those with active lifestyles and a fearless attitude. The US brand continues to pave the way for eyewear innovation with their state-of-the-art Prizm™ lenses and lightweight frame materials, experience lenses engineered for sport with Oakley eyewear.

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Discover the Oakley styles that have changed the game on and off the bike.

The Radar Collection


An all-time favourite for cyclists, the Oakley Radar Collection contains three variations of the innovative shield which includes the Radar Path, Radar Pitch and Radar EV Advancer.

The Sutro Collection


Offering full coverage, exceptional coverage and a retro style Oakley customers can't get enough of, the Sutro Collection offers a variety of this popular shield style ranging from extra light, smaller sized and ventilation holes for maximum performance during high-intensity sports. See for yourself why the Sutro is the perfect pair of sunglasses for cycling and running.

What are Oakley Prizm Lenses?

Oakley's cutting-edge lens technology takes performance a step further with their exclusive Prizm™ lenses. Prizm lenses sharpen visual perception and enhance colour contrast while optimising visual clarity. This technology fine-tunes the light spectrum through their Prizm dye, with their range of lenses created slightly different for specific environments. Ranging from Deep Water specific lenses for watersports to Prizm Road lenses made for cycling and running, these lenses emphasise the colours and details most important to each environment which enhances performance and safety.

As each Prizm lens is made specifically for different light conditions and conditions, not all Prizm lenses are polarised as they may inhibit performance. Oakley polarised sunglasses with Prizm lenses incorporate exceptional technology with polarisation that reduces glare reflected off of surfaces like water, road and metal, making them perfect for water activities or driving.