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Spy Optic sunglasses are so solid that you can feel it from the sea to the country.

Spy Otic’s produce original products that can be traced from the sketch to the finished product. Spy’s trademark orange symbolises life itself: cold fiery, unique and sometimes blinding. The vision of Spy Optic was orange and the single thought: ‘It’s not seeing different things, it’s seeing the same things differently.’

Founded in the mid nineties by people who are passionate about the sports they love and the products they use. The brand is influenced by all things surf and water due to its founding location on the Southern Californian coast. They are commited to delivering innovative products that stay true to their heritage and the sports community they are ingrained in. Spy Optic is known for their high quality designer sunglasses, 100% designed, manufactured and assembled by hand. Spy Sunglasses’ superior fit, look and feel set them apart from their competitors.

Spy Optic sunglasses offer the best eyewear options for fashion forward designs and sport, with options of polarised and prescription lenses.

All Spy Optic sunglasses are now fitted with Happy Lens™, SPY’s very own lense technology. Happy Lens™ is the only one of its kind on the market as it’s a colour and contrast enhancing lense that produces the positive effects of long-wave blue light. Long-wave blue light boosts the brain’s production of serotonin to improve your mood, increase alertness, and promote a healthy circadian rhythm. Through enhanced colours, clarity and definition while offering protection from damaging short wave blue light; you’ll be feeling good all year round with Spy Optic.

Live through our lens…